Saturday, June 5, 2010

8 Dante vs. 9 Kheiron; 8 Mateo vs. 9 Azul

The name bracket is coming along nicely. Ephraim wins 7-1 and Garrison shuts out Garvin, 8-0. The first shutout of the bracket!

Shiv: Looking at the match-ups, I am not sure how Azul got up so high in the International bracket. Maybe when we were seeding the names, it appealed more to me that day than now. Hmmm... I am having a hard time deciding which one to advocate for. Mateo is just a spin off of the familiar name, Matthew. Yes, we know many Matthews but how about Mateo? Kheiron is from Greek mythology: he was wounded accidentally by a poisoned arrow shot by Heracles and he was in such agony that he surrendered his immortality in order to die. Zeus placed him among the stars as the constellation Sagitarius. I am a Sagitarius!!!

Gar: Kheiron (also spelled Chiron) was the mythological centaur who was the wise mentor and teacher to heroes like Theseus, Achilles, Heracles, Jason, and Aeneas. Dante refers to the writer Dante Alighieri, writing of the Divine Comedy (Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso). While Dante is the more well-known of the two names and higher rank, I'd have to give the nod to Kheiron with points for originality. As for Mateo and Azul... well, "Azul" literally means "Blue". In this match, I think naming a boy "Blue" is maybe TOO original. I'll go with Mateo since there was a cool Filipino-Japanese dude I knew as a kid with the name.

Shiv: When I think about Azul, I think about Blue and then I think about the Blue song by Eiffel 65. I don't think I would want that as our son's theme song. Being blue and living in a blue world. Mateo would be the more sensible name choice in this bracket. As far as Dante, I am surprised that Garrett didn't hype up the name as much as he would. When I look at both names, I would prefer Dante because of the meaning, everlasting and enduring. I partner enduring with persevering, qualities that I would like in our son.

Gar: I'm not saying Dante is a bad name... just that Kheiron is a lot more awesome. The sound of "Kheiron Chan" just seems better than "Dante Chan". Besides, a common nickname for Dante is "Tay Tay". You want kids calling our son "Tay Tay"... it sounds a little bit too close to a nickname for the milk-making part of the female anatomy. Now, I'm not anti-breast. I'm OK with my son liking b00bs... I just don't want him to have a potential nickname that SOUNDS like a b00b.



  1. 1) Kheiron. Tough choice, but went with originality. Dante is a great sports names though, lots of great black athletes, I even know one in person.

    2) Azul. I just like the way it sounds. Mateo is too metro for me.

  2. isn't the guy in /Clerks/ named Dante?

  3. I like the sound and meaning of Dante but Kheiron looks good. I usually like the good looking things but this time I choose meaning over looks.

    Mateo it is because I cannot say AZUL.

  4. 1) Kheiron - It means skilled with the hands. I believe Chiron is the inventor of medicine & surgery. Does that mean we have a future doctor in the family? I rejected Dante because the first thing that jumped into my mind was Dante's Inferno which tells of the author's journey into hell. Although Dante finds his way to God, this book describes his imaginary hell in excruciating detail.

    2) Mateo - Azul just means the color blue. "Am I Blue" is a standard oldie that tells of the pain of lost love. Too much sadness associated with that color. Mateo is the Spanish version of Matthew, which means a gift of the Lord. That's more upbeat.

  5. Dante and Mateo.
    I have no idea how Gar starting talking about boobs but whatever.

  6. I will pick Dante strictly because of Garrett's far fetched conclusion that his nickname will be "Tay Tay". You brought it upon your own son, so he will pay for it.

    Azul, blue means boy. Yes, it does.

  7. Kheiron and Mateo

    I can see someone pronouncing Azul as "az-ole". Not the name I'd like for my new little cousin.

  8. 1) Kheiron - looks pretty cool. how is it pronounced? (ei=long i sound?) also, i have a first grade student named Adante this year - crraazy young boy - so I'm biased towards that name.

    2) Mateo. Have you considered spelling it Matteo?

  9. Kheiron - I like the uniqueness and the awesomeness.

    Mateo - Not a fan of either. Azul Chan doesn't really roll off the tongue easily.

  10. dante/mateo here

    dante's inferno might be too overpowering an etymology. there are boys named that tho

    i knew a smart mateo from grad school. also mateo~=meteo from FF

    gotta say garrison=mrs. garrison.

  11. Kheiron and Mateo. Dante would be better if he were black. Azul invokes phrases like "precious" and "pretty blue eyes." Too sissy for my tastes.

  12. ooh, hope i make this vote....dante and mateo for me!

  13. Thanks everyone! Votes are now closed.