Thursday, March 29, 2012

19 months and 3 weeks

Here are some pictures from last week. Yes, I am behind and I hope to one day not be late at blogging. Gideon has enjoyed running around the house and playing. He likes to take off his left shoe and sock, picture below.

19 months and 2 weeks




I love this drawing of our hands. Gideon finally lets us trace his hand without squirming. He is also an artist. He likes to draw on large sheets of white paper on the floor and on the doors, aka easel.


19 months and 3 weeks (it's the best picture)

19 months and 3 weeks

There will be a video to post about what he was doing instead of sitting still next to the lion.

Last week and this week have marked his developmental stage of separation anxiety. I try to give him opportunities of experiencing being by himself for a short while and then I return. He is just super clingy these days. I hope he grows out of it soon. My pregnant body is getting bigger and less able to carry Gideon.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

19 months and 1 week

It has been a crazy month so far. I believe it is march madness in the Chan household. I keep telling myself it is almost spring break. We can get through this month's craziness.

Gideon and I had a mama and son playdate at kidsquest museum. Gar needed some work time. I wanted to maximize the time so I scheduled a haircut for Gideon. We had an Asian woman stylist. She was kind and friendly. Partway through the haircut, she let Gideon watch a video on her Iphone. Gideon did not fall for the trick right away. He looks like a young boy.

Gideon and I walked around the mall before the museum opened. Every person we walked by, Gideon would ask for a fist bump without any words. Many were surprised by his friendliness and cool greeting. Gideon was holding my/our jamba juice too. I think he likes smoothies now. In the museum, he loved the water area, the train table and the light table. He stayed at each location for 20 minutes, probably longer if I did not move him.

march madness name bracket - we are looking for 32 names. Submit them by the end of the month.

19 months



19 months and 1 week


Monday, March 5, 2012

18 months and 4 weeks

Gideon is becoming more like a big boy and less like a baby. I can't believe how big he is getting. He is trying to communicate with words/sounds. He points to boxes or food items that he would like. He is also getting very good at leaving his snack trap behind in the oddest places in our house. I believe that even if he could speak, he probably won't remember where he left it either.

Gideon is trying to mimic sounds of animals too. He has a great roar that he uses for lions, dinosaurs and cars. He pulls out the pig and cow puzzle piece to use as clappers. He raises one of the animals and I say that animal's sound. Then he raises the other animal and lowers the previous animal and I say that animal's sound. Then Gideon becomes tricky and raises them one at a time very quickly that I can barely get a sound in. He thinks it's very funny.

Gideon is learning new dance moves from daycare. He used to just swing his arms side to side and twist his waist. Now he is raising his arms up and down with a hip wiggle. Yes, he hangs out with many young ladies at the daycare.


Gideon got off the couch pretty quickly after his photo session. He was ready to play!


Today is Gideon's nineteenth month birthday! Stay tune for weekly photo. His hair is getting long and instead of going to a barber to get it cut, I decided to trim his bangs. =)