Sunday, June 24, 2012

4 Misora vs 5 Marisola; 4 Estera vs 5 Shiloh

Sorry friends for the long delay in a new name blog post!  Blame end of the school year craziness.

Results from last post:  Aiona routs Gasia 12-0; Elise beats Elisheva 11-0.

This week's match-ups: 4 Misora vs 5 Marisola from the "International" region, and 4 Estera vs 5 Shiloh from the "Biblical" region.

PRONOUNCIATION GUIDE:  Misora (Mee-soh-rah), Marisola (Mah-ree-soh-lah), Estera (Ess-teh-rah), Shiloh (Shy-loh).

Gar:  WE'RE BACK!  The International region has a good match-up.  Misora (Mizora) is a Japanese name that can be written with the characters for "beautiful" (Mi) and "sky" (sora/zora).  So the literal meaning is "beautiful sky", one of my favorite things from nature.  Marisola is a Spanish name that comes from "the sea" (Mari) and "the sun" (sola).  So the literal meaning is another nature reference, "the sea & the sun."  Growing up Seattle, you have to appreciate the sea (it's always there) and the sun (you love it when you can actually see it).  It's hard to pick, but I'll give the edge to Misora for the uniqueness of the name.     

Shiv: So many choices and so little time. Shiloh means "His gift" or "peace." I like the name for the meaning and how it sounds. Unfortunately, Brangelina has already taken this great name. Estera is a form of Esther. I like the story of Esther and how she was able to be courageous and brave. That is what I would hope for our daughter. I will pick Estera over Shiloh. As for the international region, I like the name Marisola. When we were brainstorming names, I liked the name Marisol, for the literal translation of ocean and sun. Garrett likes girl's names to end in an "A." So we modified the name to Marisola. Maybe our daughter will be nature girl who has the green thumb for our future garden in our backyard!

Gar:  It definitely help papa if Baby Girl Chan was a nature girl, because I have crazy plant allergies... especially to grass.  I like the name Estera over Shiloh too, but for a different reason... 

I don't want to name my daughter the same name as a dog.  No matter how good the book was... seriously!  Besides, Estera has a very unique and beautiful sound to it.  I don't think I've ever met a girl named Estera.

Shiv: One thing though, Garrett asked me if it means anything in Spanish. We have been reading this book called "Sorpresa" to Gideon in the car or at home and there is a word that Garrett thought was similar to Estera. The word is "estarรก." I told him that they are two different pronunciations because of the accent mark. For Estera, the pronunciation is Ess-TEH-rah, with the stress on the second syllable. I have not read the book about the dog named Shiloh. Hmm. I'm thinking thematic bedroom decor, birthday celebrations and birthday gifts! =)

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Monday, June 11, 2012

video post

We have taken many cute videos of Gideon and have forgotten to post them to his adoring fans. Enjoy!

21 months and 4 weeks & 22 months!

Yes, we have been very busy lately. The end of the school year is coming quickly and there are a lot of deadlines to keep ahead of. I cannot wait until the end of the year and it can't come any sooner. I have been swamped with report cards and of course my students. Last week, one student could not hold it together to stay in my class for more than one hour each day. She would whistle, kick another student or exit the outside door without my permission. Friday was the best: she went home after ten minutes in my class. What did she do? She did not harm anybody in my class. She pretended to be a baby and stuck her hand in her mouth. Then she would wipe her wet hands onto any surface in the classroom. Gross! The custodian and principal disinfected the classroom right away. I wonder what this week will be.

21 months and 4 weeks

Garrett's lovely staff threw us a baby shower. Well, we just wanted to have a fun dinner with everyone at Pacific Island Grill. They came and enjoyed the food. Then we were showered with lovely girly outfits and accessories. Thank you so much!

The highlight of the evening: Gideon likes to give fist bumps and high fives to different people that he meets. There were two couples getting ready for the prom at the restaurant: a Caucasian girl in a blue dress and an Asian girl in a black sequin dress. Any guesses on whom Gideon would ask for a fist bump? Yup, Asian girl. Gideon was also in the picture of the girl pinning the boutonniere on her date. He was raising his fist for a fist bump.

Gideon also wore his Hawaii shirt that Auntie Jaime gave him to the restaurant. It was a hit!



22 months

I cannot believe that Gideon will be two years old in two months! Oh my! The time has flown by and he is growing up to be a big boy. Gideon likes to eat all dairy products. If all else fails, we can always get him to eat cheese or yogurt. He loves to eat "cup o noodles" noodles. I think he likes the saltiness. I know it's not the healthiest, but he asked for more so I gave him some more. He likes to eat corn off the cob. He would take a big bite.

He loves to play with his water table. He would play for hours if he could. He sometimes tries to climb into the water table. I think he thinks it is a portable bathtub since we put some of his bath toys in the water table.

Gideon loves saying the letters when he sees letters on people's shirts or on a box. He also loves to say the letter sounds. At daycare, they watch a video about letters and their sounds. My favorite is when he says "huh, huh" "H".

This past week my staff threw a lovely baby shower for Christine and I. The food was wonderful and the company even better. We were showered with cute girly outfits and baby necessities!

This week's photo: Look at his feet! They are huge! He just started wearing these shoes in February. I think it is almost time for the next size up.