Friday, July 30, 2010

The Second Round Begins!

WOOHOOO! Thanks to you all, faithful readers, the 1st round is over and now we can begin the 2nd round.

You can download an EXCEL spreadsheet of the results and continuing bracket right here.

(Thanks to Jaime and Mel who contributed the idea).

Check back for more voting!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

7 Amadeus vs 10 Tiberius ; 7 Gen vs 10 Marius

After a two-week family hiatus... we're back again!

The final tally from last post: Ezekiel survives Josiah 9-6, and Nolan wallops Grant 13-1.

This week's names:

From the HISTORICAL / LITERACY region: 7 Amadeus vs 10 Tiberius
From the INTERNATIONAL region: 7 Gen vs 10 Marius

And we have a special treat... a pronunciation guide video!

Baby Name Bracket Pronunciation Guide from Gar on Vimeo.

NOTE: I actually mis-pronounced "Gen" because I was reading Siobhan's handwriting and thought it said "Geri". Oops. It's pronunced with a hard g like "get" (Ghen). Who's named Gen? This guy.

Gar: There's some interesting names this round. Amadeus literally translates to "God's Love", but is most commonly associated with Mozart. Tiberius means "from the river Tiber" and is the name of a Roman emperor and general, but is most commonly associated with (by nerds) with James Tiberius Kirk AKA Captain Kirk from Star Trek. Despite my heavy nerd leanings, I'd pick Amadeus over Tiberius. As for Gen versus Marius... Gen is a pretty cool character from Street Fighter, but Marius is a form of Mark. Marius it is!

Siobhan: I believe that Gen was a filler name in the bracket. So definitely I would advocate for Marius even though it reminds me of a girl's name, Mari. Amadeus is a great name for the literal translation, God's love. Tiberius comes from the name of river Tiber, which is found in Italy, near Rome. To be named after a river, an Italian river of all rivers, it's a great name. The Roman empire made a great name in history, so will Tiberius.

Gar: Oooh, could it be that Siobhan is secretly a Star Trek? So it doesn't also bother you that Tiberius was the son of Nero (who famously set fire to Rome and blamed Christians) or was uncle to Caligula (whose insanity made many believe that he had neurosyphilis)? Talk about a bad family.

Siobhan: I do love my science fiction at times. Romantic comedies can be too predictable. Yes, Tiberius had some relatives that may not have been such great role models. It takes a village to raise a child so the influences of two do not outweigh the many.

Whooohooo! First round is done. Have fun voting! We hope to continue the bracket as frequently as we can. So keep on checking the blog!

EDIT: Voting is now closed! Thanks for voting.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

7 Ezekiel vs 10 Josiah; 7 Grant vs 10 Nolan

Hello again!

Last week's results were two blow-outs: Sebastian beats Ernest 9-2; Enzo beats Magnus 9-2. Thanks to all our awesome readers who commented and voted.

Our new match-ups:

From the BIBLICAL region: 7 Ezekiel vs 10 Josiah
From the VANILLA region: 7 Grant vs 10 Nolan

Siobhan: Josiah is a great name, one of the good kings in the Bible, but it seems to be a common name that Christian families use. I know two Josiahs and they are great guys but then again, we are looking for a unique name. Ezekiel means "strength of God." What a great name to live up to! We are looking at a monosyllabic name again in the vanilla region, Grant. I think of Amy Grant. heheh... Nolan is an Irish name meaning champion. We can have an Irish first name family, Garrett, Siobhan and then Nolan. =)

Gar: So are you voting for Nolan? I guess I'll have to disagree and vote for Grant. Yes, Amy Grant is lame, but you have "good" Grants like Ulysses S. Grant (American general and president), or Horace Grant or Grant Hill (basketball players). Plus, I like the idea that Grant means to "give" or "bestow" - our son is a blessing bestowed upon us by God! Plus, points for it being a "G" name. As for Ezekiel versus Josiah, I'll vote for Ezekiel since I tend to admire the prophets more than the kings, and Ezekiel is not so common. He'll also have a cool nickname - "Zeke".

Shiv: I just have a dislike for monosyllabic first names with a monosyllabic last name. I am not saying that Grant is a less than honorable first name. I am looking at the whole picture. What do you have against Nolan? Nolan Ryan (baseball player), Christopher Nolan (film director... Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight) Those were amazing films that represented more than just a casual date night movie choice. =)

Gar: Yeeeeeeeah... man, I'll admit. That's a pretty compelling argument for Nolan. But this all goes back to one of other discussions - what's worst, a monosyllabic name or a name that rhymes? I know that the correct pronounciation is "Noh-len" (sounds almost like "Roland"), but you always got those people who will say the name as "Noh-lAn" (sounds like a tech geek saying "There's no LAN!"). "NOLAN CHAN" is a rhyming name if said incorrectly... it'd be as bad as naming him "JAN CHAN". Haha.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

3 Ernest vs 14 Sebastian; 3 Enzo vs 14 Magnus

Hello again, friends! Have you been keeping up and crossing off names on the bracket?

We have been trying to keep up while we were away in California visiting family and friends. I guess with all the eating and hanging out, we didn't get to as many names as we would have liked. Now that we are back, we are ready to make a comeback, maybe every other day posting. =)

The results of the last post: Elijah beats Titus 8-2 and Cameron edges out Graham 6-4.

Now onto the next match ups:

From the HISTORICAL region: 3 Ernest vs 14 Sebastian
From the INTERNATIONAL region: 3 Enzo vs 14 Magnus

Gar: An interesting round! My first pick is Ernest. Ernest is a name from old German, that means "serious; battle to the death". It's also the name of one of my favorite writers, Ernest Hemingway. Also another famous Ernest was Ernesto "Che" Guevara, the famous Latin American revolutionary. In the other match-up, I'll be picking Enzo (a form of Henry) over Magnus because Magnus sounds too much like... Agnus (girl's name).

Siobhan: I can agree with you about Ernest because Hemingway was an amazing writer, but who doesn't love Sebastian from "A Little Mermaid." He is the right-hand man to King Triton and composer of wonderful music. As for the other match-up, Enzo is a cool name, but Magnus has such potential for awesome nicknames and stage names if he decides to become famous. Magnificent Magnus... Magnus the Great... Magnus the Magician... Can't you just see it in lights? Can't you hear the wind, string, drums, and words? =)

Gar: Well, I guess there's also "Ultra Magnus", Optimus Prime's 2nd in command, but he didn't, ummm, end up so well. And you want to name our son after a CRAB?! A better reason would be that Sebastian is the patron saint of soldiers. Also, there was a great player for the USL Sounders, a striker named Sebastian LeToux. Nope, my vote is for Ernest!

Shiv: Let's also look at the life span of these two: Ernest ended his life sooner than the natural course and Sebastian had to run away from the crazy chef to stay alive. I believe that Sebastian the crab had a stronger survival sense in his need to run away from all those knives. So I guess you are agreeing with me about Magnus... Hmmm... it will be an interesting match up in the International bracket. Happy voting!

Gar: *groan*

EDIT: Voting is now closed. Thanks for voting!