Sunday, June 20, 2010

6 Elias vs 11 Solomon; 6 Marion vs 11 Inman

The name bracket marches on with another post... hurray! (Did you already vote on the other post?)

More match ups:

From the BIBLICAL region, 6 Elias vs 11 Solomon.
From the VANILLA region, 6 Marion vs 11 Inman.

Gar: There's some interesting match-ups in this group... maybe it's time for some upsets? I like both Elias and Solomon, but I'll have to go with Solomon. Solomon was the 2nd king of Israel, David's son, and the wisest man who ever lived. He's credited with writing several books of the Bible, including Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon (duh), and many of the verses of Proverbs. As for Marion and Inman, Marion sounds too ambiguous for me (too close to Mariam), as it derives from the name "Mary". My pick is Inman, which is also a literary reference to the American novel Cold Mountain (also made into a movie). In the story, Inman is a Confederate soldier during the Civil War, who deserts the army and bravely struggles to return home to see the woman he loves, Ada. It's also the story how a single man, in the face of the inhumanity of war, still clings to his beliefs in right and wrong despite the situations he finds himself in on his journey back home.

Siobhan: As for the vanilla match up, I would have to agree with Garrett's assessment of Inman. It's a great character from the book Cold Mountain. It was one of the closest adaptations from novel to screenplay that I have seen. His journey unveiled his true nature, and that he will follow through with his promises that he made. Plus, Marion reminds me of Marion Ross, the mom from Happy Days. Elias is a Greek form of Elijah, the Lord is my God. I have to go with Elias because we already know a Solomon Chan. =)

Gar: Yes, we do know a Solomon, but he's a good guy and I'm sure he would agree with me that "Solomon" is a great name! Besides, Baby Chan can go by any of these cool nicknames: Sol, Mon, or my favorite... CHAN SOLO! Elias is an OK name, but the only nicknames kids will be calling will be "Eli" (that's OK) or a word that rhymes with "gas" that means donkey or butt.

Siobhan: Garrett didn't like that I was peering over his shoulder while he was writing his response. hehehehe.... Chan Solo! I am not sure that nickname will stick. Yes, Solomon is a great guy but I thought we were looking for originality. Elias could have negative nicknames but any name could have bad nicknames. I have nothing more to say than vote for Elias! Woohoo!

EDIT: Voting is now closed!


  1. Elias

    I'll have to abstain from the 2nd match-up. Marion sounds like a girl's name. Though Inman has a great literary reference, it's too strange a name.

  2. Elias

    Marion... how is Inman pronounced? all i can see is a weird compounded word. just looking at the name, i'm hearing little kids' voices: "where is __(fill in the blank with anything)__?" "it's IN-MAN!"

    i'm tired. long weekend. :)

  3. 1) Elias - I like the connection with Elijah and you can call the son Eli. Even though Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived, his worship of foreign gods incurred the wrath of God causing his kingdom to be divided after his death.

    2) Inman - I chose Inman more as a vote against Marion. Lots of female names come to mind like Maid Marion, Marion the librarian in Music Man, and Marion Jones. Even though John Wayne's given name was Marion that doesn't offset the female quality of the name.

  4. Inman is a name that could get a boy teased for being gay whether he is or not, so I vote Marion.

    Soloman Chan just sounds cool. I vote for that over Elias.

  5. Elias. As Shiv said already, we already know a Solomon Chan. If you guys had a different last name (ie Wong) then I may vote for Solomon.


  6. 1) Elias. I know TWO Chinese-American Solomons. No to a third. And Eli is a good nickname anyhow.

    2) Inman. Marion is too gender ambiguous.

  7. Elisa and Marion sound too much like a girl. Inman does not sound like a name.
    So, I have to go with Solomon alone (2 votes).

  8. 1. Elias - Not a fan of Solomon for the same reasons as Dad mentioned. Patrick Elias is pretty good hockey player.

    2. Marion - LL Cool J played a character named Marion Hill in the sitcom "In the House". LL Cool J is far from feminine.

  9. I like Eli, not Elias. So...Solomon, I guess.

    And Inman!