Sunday, April 25, 2010

how the baby (and belly) grows

Hey there, friends... it's Garrett here. This is my first post on the baby blog and the wifey has asked me to post the photos we've been taking to keep track of Baby Chan's growth.

Excuse my amateur photo abilities:











Stay tuned for more!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Almost ready to start voting!

Hey there, friends and family,

Thank you for all the great name suggestions. I believe that one of the "better" ones was a suggestion of a current students' name in my class. I quickly vetoed that one. No need for another reminder of this school year.

We are gathering the names and "seeding" the names on the bracket. I think that it has been a great way to continue conversations between family and friends. Yes, we know that we are trusting in this process, but we are wanting to include as many people in our journey with our little one.

On a side note, Grandma and Grandpa Wong sent us this book titled, The Baby Owner's Manual: Operating instructions, trouble-shooting tips and advice on the first-year maintenance. Garrett and I love this book. It is practical and hilarious at the same time. Here is a little excerpt for you. =)

The Baby: Diagram and Parts List
Virtually all current models come pre-installed with the following features and capabilities. If the baby is missing one or more of the functions described herein, contact the baby's service provider immediately.

Head: May initally appear unusually large or even cone-shaped, depending on model and delivery option. A cone-shaped head will become more rounded after four to eight weeks.

Neck: Upon arrival, this feature may appear "useless." This is not a defect. The neck will become more useful in two to four months.

I love the second sentence. Keep those names coming!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby Name Bracket Contest

Hello faithful readers of two posts,

The NCAA tournament is over but there is a more awesome tournament play that will start, the baby boy Chan name bracket. When we found out that we were expecting, Garrett and I talked about names and what we liked and disliked. At that time, we seemed to agree upon girl names that are not useful to us at this moment. So we are in need of boy name ideas.

We will be setting up a 64 name bracket in the upcoming weeks. There will be four "regions" aka categories: Biblical names, Historical/Literary names, International names and common names. We will be accepting suggestions, recommendations and ideas. We will take those ideas and give each name a seed for their bracket.

One disclaimer for name recommendations: if you know of a friend that has the name, we will probably not place the name in the bracket. We like unique and profound names. =)

You may post your name suggestions in the comments or email them to garrett or me. Once the bracket is complete, the next stage is voting on which name wins each "game." So get those names in, so we can start the second phase. The tournament ends when we reach the Elite Eight. Then it will be up to the parents, aka garrett and i, to make the final decisions. =)