Sunday, May 30, 2010

8 Ephraim vs. 9 Marcus; 8 Garvin vs. 9 Garrison

Last voting session: Cyprus beats Hector 8-4 and Ignacio beats Ichiro 9-3.

This week's next match-ups are:

From the "BIBLICAL" region, number 8 seed Ephraim faces number 9 seed Marcus, and in the "VANILLA" region, number 8 seed Garvin faces number 9 seed Garrison.

Gar: Another tough round this week. Ephraim is the younger of Joseph's sons, and means "very fruitful". Marcus is a form of "Mark" and means "warlike". I like both names, but since Marcus/Mark is a little bit too common, my vote is for Ephraim. As Garvin versus Garrison, Garvin to me sounds a little bit too much like a bastardization of "Marvin". So I'll go with Garrison for the upset!

Siobhan: We are getting to the closer match-ups. I have appreciated the name Ephraim since it is a unique name that is not so commonly used. I am reminded of the WB series, Everwood. Ephraim was a gifted pianist who transformed music into emotion. =) As for the second match up, I am all for Garrison as well. Garrison stands for spear-fortified town; protection, stronghold. Definitely manly characteristics!

Gar: Wait, so we have nothing to disagree about? How boring.

Siobhan: So you don't have anything to say about Everwood? Gar said," I am not taking your bait." Ok, so readers, that means we will have to make another post today with other match ups. Take care.



  1. 1)Ephraim, because of Everwood, oh yeah and the Bible.

  2. I motion that my votes count x2 since it's my first time voting! :D Ephraim is such a strong, handsome name & Garrison is fo sho since it's kind of like "Garrett's son". Great choices, Chans!

  3. ooo, I like what linda said about Garrison. Garrett's son, Garre'son, Garrison! Garrison - to the final four.

  4. 1) Ephraim - Even though I was the one who suggested Marcus, I have to go with Ephraim. Ephraim mean fruitful. Need I say any more? I have fond memories of a Efrem Zimbalist Jr. who played the lead on a TV series called "The F.B.I.". Before that he was on "77 Sunset Strip" a private detective TV series. He is the father of Stephanie Zimbalist who played the female lead in "Remington Steele" where Pierce Brosnan got his start. His father was a famous violinist which relates to CC's mention of Everwood's Ephraim being a gifted pianist. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. was born into a Jewish family but became an evangelical Christian. If Marcus had been matched up with any other name, I would have gone with Marcus.

    2) Garrison - If you use the spelling of Garretson then it would shout out "Garrett's son" to the world. Garvin sounds too close to Gavin which brings to mind Gavin Newsom, the mayor of San Francisco.


  5. Ephraim. it is the middle seeds, which means both are great names. it's funny-- if you don't know dad, you may think he's googling and wiki'ing this trivia... but if you do know him, this is totally his thought process! :)

    Garrison. because my contacts are dried, and i thought it said gavin and thought of my $%^& #@@&!*( ^&*$! mayor... so nothing close to that thanks~

  6. 1)Marcus - Just seems to roll better when you add in Chan. Kinda vanilla, but easier to say.

    2)Garrison - Because Garvin does sound too close to Gavin. Plus it sounds more manly.

  7. 1) Ephraim. Marcus is just too common.

    2) Garrison. Miltary bulwark versus a mutt mix of Gavin and Marvin. No contest.

    Trending towards blowouts despite the 8 vs 9 seedings. Bring on the next matchups!

  8. I will make it short: Ephraim and Garrison. Although I have to say Garrison Garrett Chan, it is an interesting combination.

  9. Ephraim- I know a guy named Marcus who is not nice.

    Garrison- After reading people's comments, I can't get the Garvin/Gavin thing out of my mind. Don't want anything that reminds me of my city's terrible mayor.