Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3 Titus vs 14 Elijah; 3 Graham vs 14 Cameron

I hope you enjoyed our special guest commentators from the last point! Currently, we're on vacation in California and were hoping to get more guest commentators... but since we're falling behind (again), we've decided to move on.

Last post's results: Aramis beats Odysseus 6-2; and Edgar shuts out Sulemon 8-0.

The next match up is:

From the BIBLICAL region: 3 Titus vs 14 Elijah
From the VANILLA region: 3 Graham vs 14 Cameron

Siobhan: Let's see... I will start with the easier match up. I am not a fan of Cameron because it reminds me of Kirk Cameron, James Cameron and Cameron Diaz. Graham sounds better and I love graham crackers. heheheh.... As for the Biblical match up, it's a tough decision because both were great prophets that stood up to what they believed in. They were given a task and fulfilled the task as asked. I believe that both names are unique in their different ways.

Gar: Well, let me the voice of reason and say that our son probably shouldn't be named Titus because the other boys at school will take the first 3 letters of his name and tease him relentlessly. Plus, Elijah is probably the more well-known of the two and a great prophet. As for the other match-up, I guess I'll have to agree with you say that Graham is better than Cameron. I looked up the meaning of Cameron and it's Scottish for "crooked nose". Ugh!

Siobhan: Wow, we agree that we like Graham over Cameron. That doesn't happen often. =) Yes, Titus could have a bad nickname if shortened incorrectly, but that shouldn't be the only deciding factor of choosing a name. With your logic that Elijah is the more well-known name in the Bible, then there will probably be more children named Elijah. We already have a common last name. Let's not put the common prophet with the common last name.

Gar: So what are you saying? Vote for Titus because Elijah is more well known? Pshhht. Yes, there are probably more kids out there named Elijah than Titus, but I don't known any "Elijah Chan" so I think it's safe to say it's still a candidate. Go Elijah!

EDIT: Voting is now closed!



  1. 1) Titus. Elijah makes me think of Elijah Wood, which leads to thoughts of hobbits.

    2) Graham. Though I prefer the spelling Graeme for first name usage. Cameron is more of a female name for me, so nay on Cammy.

  2. 1) Elijah - How can you go against "Yahweh is My God"? Besides, it would be an interesting match-up between Elias and Elijah in the second round.

    2) Graham - I know of two Graham's, both named Graham Greene: the Native American who played Kicking Bird in "Dancing With the Wolves" and a British novelist who wrote "The Third Man". It was Orson Welles' portrayal of Harry Lime that made that film a classic. That's an amazing accomplishment considering Welles appeared only in the film in the second half of the movie. You might know that I love film noir.

  3. 1) ELIJAH - I think "Elijah Chan" sounds better than "Titus Chan".

    2) GRAHAM - Can't vote against the parents if they both agree on this name.

  4. 1) Elijah

    2) Cameron - Because I heart Mike Cameron and Graham makes me think of graham crackers...which I eat...and I don't want to eat my nephew. Also had a driver a couple weeks ago named Graham and he was horribly annoying.

  5. I agree with my hubby's votes: Elijah and Graham

  6. 1) TITUS! His nickname will be pronounced "Tite!" and not the 3-letter word you're thinking, Gar. What's up with you and that part?

    2) Graham. Graham Chan doesn't sound great, but I like it better than Cameron.

    If Baby Chan is born before this whole thing is over, he must go unnamed until we're done with this name bracket!

  7. Elijah, because how can you argue with, "Yahweh is my God"?

    Cameron - because Graham Chan will become one of those kids whose first and last names become indistinguishable and his new name will be "Gramchan".

  8. 1) Elijah

    2) Cameron- I actually had a student named Cameron Chan. Though Cameron Chan might not be unique, it sounds better than Graham Chan.

  9. elijah and cameron! i do agree with hillary and ryan about the graham and chan sounding too alike. this was a great match up! tough!