Friday, December 31, 2010

Gideon's First Christmas in Pictures





The most important picture of all...


Gideon is watching a Wong sibling favorite movie.... While you were sleeping. It's the scene where Sandra Bullock, Lucy, arrived at the new year's party and she is about to drink the punch. "It's spiked." "Thank God." "....It's not good for the baby."

Hahahaha... love the movie. I should watch it again. Maybe tomorrow.

Week 20 and end of winter break

I cannot believe how quickly two weeks can go by. Garrett and I have enjoyed spending time as a family, just hanging out in our pajamas. We love being able to do activities as a family and not have to worry about work. (That's for Monday.) This past week we went to the movie theater to watch, True Grit. It was fun showing Garrett my Thursday schedule when I was on maternity leave. He felt envious, movie watching and spending time with the boy. Legendary!

Gideon is still learning about the exosaucer. Garrett calls it kung fu training. Gideon has been practicing his rolling from side to side, no roll overs just yet. He definitely wants to move and crawl. He has the motion down but he is working on increasing his muscle strength.

Gideon has outgrown his 0-6 month shoes. Yes, I am saying that Gideon has big feet. He has outgrown his cute See Kai run shoes and his first pair of Robeez. I found a few pairs of shoes that I thought he would grow into but alas, he has outgrown them even before wearing them once. So I quickly put on all his shoes to make sure that doesn't happen again. So he has 3 pairs of Robeez 6-12 months and 2 awesome new kicks shown in the picture below. Puma from Auntie Jaime and Aunt Jen (in an ominous voice) and K Swiss from Grandma Wong.

New Kicks

The next picture is a great father son moment. It's the morning time. Gideon woke up and I fed him. Then I handed him to Garrett while I took a shower. I came back upstairs and the bouncer is on and both boys are asleep. Gideon usually doesn't sleep in this position out of a swaddle so he must have been tired. Garrett on the other hand can sleep anywhere. Gideon woke up 20 minutes later when he involuntarily hit the monkey to restart the music.

father and son time

Week 20 picture

Week 20

Happy New year to you! Hello 2011!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Photo post

I am looking through all the photos on the camera and web cam. Wow, we haven't posted very many from the earlier months. Here is the progression of his growth via the webcam. Mom and son photos.

Also a shout out to Papa Garrett... Happy Birthday!

October 22, 2010
October 22

November 1, 2010
November 1

December 28, 2010
Mom and Gideon

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Week 19

Just a quick photo update. It's Gideon's first Christmas!! woohoo!

Gideon with tree

Week 19

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter break!

Hello faithful readers!

We have been so busy adjusting to my work schedule and his daycare schedule that we haven't had the time to update the blog with stories, just pictures. The pictures are cute but stories are awesome too. We will hopefully have some videos soon, thanks to Uncle Martin!

The first story is Dad's 60th birthday surprise dinner. Gideon was very excited to see Grandpa that he was talking up a storm. He also wore his Sunday best, a polo shirt, khaki pants and a sweater. He also had his first smell of white truffle. We like to start him young with foodie knowledge. We brought the Tiger stuffed animal that Grandma Chan made for Gideon to take a picture, three tigers and Grandma Wong.

Three Tigers

After returning from California, Gideon learned two new tricks. He can get out of his swaddle and he can inch his way to the corner of the bassinet no matter where we put him. Garrett and I decided that it would be best to move him into his big boy crib, but not until Winter break started. Currently, he has had no problems adjusting to the crib, but the first night he did reach the corner of the crib. Super baby, as Garrett says.

Out of swaddle

With Winter break, we also tried a new toy, the exosaucer. At first he was uncertain about how to play in it. His feet barely touch the bottom. The cutest thing is his facial expressions. He is still learning about his body so when he leans backwards his whole body and now the saucer leans back. He had a shocked face for a couple of minutes. Also he gets frustrated easily when he can't reach for the toys with his mouth. He is putting everything in his mouth and there is a tooth just below the gum's surface.

Saucer of fun

Just a fun picture of Gideon in his many hoodies. Thanks Auntie Jaime! Gideon says he loves his new hoodie! Oh, Thanks to Garrett and to Far East movement, Gideon says "ah..ah..ah..ah..ahhhhh" from his favorite song, Animal. We hope that he doesn't grow up with a stutter.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Week 17 and Week 18

Here's Week 17:


Lounging in Napa Valley, California.

And here's Week 18:


He was moving a lot and all the photos were blurry! This was LEAST blurry shot. >_<


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Week 16 pictures

Gideon's Week 16 pictures. Purple pride for the U-Dub Huskies. GO DAWGS! Win the Apple Cup! :)





father and son friday

This week was a week of new firsts in the family - the wifey returned back to work for the first time since last June; Baby G started his first week of daycare; and yesterday, I took my first day off from work to take Baby G to his four month check-up appointment with Dr. Kumasaka. Personally, I hate writing "sub plans" (lesson plans for the substitute teacher to teach while I'm gone), but I was really looking forward to spending a whole day with him after missing him for about 2 weeks.

Sure, there was lots of time for music, video games, and preparing for the zombie apocalypse, but man... I missed having my family around. I guess I'm getting old.

Anyways, the Mrs. and daycare lady have been collaborating on trying to keep Baby G on a pretty regular schedule. I did my best to follow it, and the day sort of ended up like this:

6:15: Whole family wakes up. Wifey nurses Baby G, hands him to me, and prepares to leave for school.

7:00: Baby G says goodbye to his mama. Group hug and a prayer for a safe day.

7:05: I have a muffin and a cup of tea for breakfast. Playtime with Baby G while the morning news and the Today Show play in the background.

Watched the very cool "Class of 2020" segment, which has been following a group of kids in LA public school since they were kindergarten in 2007. Today's story was the kids (now 3rd graders) having a classroom election.

8:30: Time to change Baby G's wet diaper. I also swaddle him prep for his midmorning nap. He's hungry, so I use the single bottle breast milk that the wifey stored in the fridge for him. Baby G scarfs it up.

8:45: After vigorous eating, Baby G passes out in a food coma. Ha, just like his pops! I use the time to check up my e-mail, clean up the house, and listen to some music. Hurray, Misnomer(S)!

10:00: Baby G wakes up after napping for over one hour... good job, son! We have some tummy time / back time on the floor. He also plays with his football-shaped OBall. I feel very happy playing "ball" with my son!




10:30: The boy has been getting a little stinky, so I turn on the heat and run the water for a full body bath. Father and son bath time, Asian style! Sorry, no pictures... haha. But hey, we had a rubber duck!

11:30: Post-bath, I give him some "chair" time while I grab a super fast lunch (hurray for leftover kimchi fried rice). Flashing lights, noises, responds to his hands... it's like a video game for babies!



11:45: I finish eating, and Baby G's done with his chair. Baby G eats a quick snack, but isn't too fond of the formula. Time to head to the doctor!

12:15 - 1:30: Visit with Dr. Kumasaka goes well. Gideon's official stats: 16 lbs 3.5 oz; 25 in long; head circumference is 40 cm. He's 80 percentile for weight, 70 percentile for length, and 60 percentile for head circumference (who would have ever thought my son would have a small head given my massive dome...). Baby G takes vaccinations like a soldier... one injection in each leg, and an oral dose. Tears last just 5 minutes.

1:30: Start the drive back home and we play Far*East Movement's ANIMAL in the car. Baby G loves it and falls asleep.

2:00: Get home. Baby G still sleeping... I let him rest, and I take a nap too... then I fit in a game of some Call of Duty: Black Ops online multiplayer:

Black Ops AK47... it was a good day

2:30: Baby G and I wake up. I try to feed him some more formula, but he only eats a little bit. We take his Week 16 pictures showing some purple U-Dub Husky Pride! Heh.


3:05: Leave the house to drive south for Dad's PTA meeting and to meet Mama. Hurray, time for music in the car!

3:45: Baby G hangs out with the LGV staff, and is treated to rock-star status with chubby cheeks and awesome hair. I smile.

4:00: Wifey arrives at the school to give Baby G what his REALLY wants... the "real" milk! Father and son Friday is a success. ;)

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving and Week 15

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Happy Black Friday! I usually am excited for the sales, but not this year. Nothing to entice me to wake up early except for Cost Plus World Market and the free ornament with a scratcher. Guess what? I won a gift certificate, 25 dollars! Woohoo.

Week 15 picture. I can't believe he is already fifteen weeks old.

Week 15

Since we have been staying with Grandma and Grandpa Wong for the past couple of weeks. We found a picture of when Shiv was 5 months old. What do you think? Does Gideon look like his mom?

Mom and Son

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Week 14 pictures

Gideon is 14 weeks and I cannot believe it. Since we are in California, I had to bring the lion with us. I also took a picture with the monchichis that I found in the garage. Just recently, Gideon has been given the nickname, Monchichi. Garrett has modified the nickname to Monchanchan Maru. Do you think Gideon looks like a monchichi?




Monday, November 15, 2010

Whirlwind weekend

Gideon and I flew down to California the Friday after Veteran's day. I had a day to pack what we would need for 2 weeks. It was quite an adventure to see which luggage would fit the most items and weighed the least. We did fit everything that we needed and if I forgot something, oh well, we can buy it.

Gideon did very well on his first airplane ride. He was very curious about the people, the new scenery, just about everything. He was irritated by me because everytime I tried to nurse him, he would start to cry. Then I let him "see" the world and he was fine. He fell asleep halfway through the flight. It was a bittersweet homecoming since we had to attend my grandfather's/Gideon's great grandfather's funeral service. He never met Gideon in person but he did see a lot of pictures. His first comment about Gideon was that he needed a haircut.

Many of us wanted Gideon to meet his great grandfather, but the next best thing, or even better, was that he met his great grandmother. Gideon was a little nervous in the beginning but then he warmed up. He has been the best little baby ever. He has been passed around to new aunties, uncles and cousins and he did well. Now we have an overtired baby due to the lack of downtime, but today he has been catching up on sleep.

Some pictures for Gideon's papa.






Thursday, November 11, 2010

Week 12 and 13

Behind on the pictures. It's so hard to take pictures of a baby. These were the best. Enjoy!

Week 12

Week 13

The woes of having long hair!

So Gideon has been working on his sleep, specifically night time sleep. He does ok, but we know he can do better. He can sleep for a 6 hour chunk and then 2 hour chunks after that. We are working on connecting the sleep chunks.

When he sleeps, he likes to turn his head from left to right constantly. With the movement, he has created many knots. At first they were small and easy to take apart. A couple of nights ago, there was a mega knot. Yup, we had to cut two knots out after lots of conditioner and soaking. The combover is still working to cover the balding spots. =)

Lots of knots!


Lots of hair

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Interviewing Gideon

Gideon - 3 Months from Gar on Vimeo.

My son discusses the economy, the US-China trade deficit, anti-Chinese xenophobia, the high expectations of being a 5th generation Chinese American, AND...

...dinner. =)

-Papa G.

Monday, November 1, 2010


My SF Giant's fan and me. He is wearing a tiger hat since he is the year of the tiger. It is too big for him now, but he will grow into it. Thanks, auntie maria!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Week 11

Hello there, friends and family. Gideon is 11 weeks today. Yesterday I weighed him and with his clothes and diaper, he is 14 lbs. 10 oz. Wow!!!! Dustin just sent us the only family photo that we took while they were in town. So cute! Also I posted a video too for you. He is cooing but only when the camera is off. So he just cooed at the 4 second mark. You don't need to watch the whole video unless you are obsessed with his cuteness, aka Jaime. =)

Week 11

Family photo

Gideon cooing from Gar on Vimeo.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Family visit

This past weekend, Gideon met his Uncle Dustin and Aunt Valene for the first time. He has met their voices. I have played the audio file of the book, Knufflebunny, for Gideon to listen to. Everyone was excited to meet. Here are a few pictures from our zoo outing. Though Dustin made a point, pictures do not do justice to Gideon's cuteness. Thanks for coming Dust and Valene! We'll see you in three weeks!

Auntie Valene and Uncle Dustin