Friday, May 17, 2013

Seona weekly photos!

It has been a while since I last posted Seona's weekly pictures. I have taken them and even put them in our flickr account but it is hard to find the time to blog. I cannot wait for the end of the school year to come. Then I can use going out on play dates as an excuse for not blogging. =)

Week 38

Thanks to Grandma Wong for giving this shirt to Gideon. He wore it when he was little too. Yes, Seona loves Campbell!



Week 39

I bought this dragon button up shirt for Gideon last year. It was too small so now Seona can wear it. You can't see the dragon but I will take a better picture later. 



Week 40

Thank you to Auntie Valene, Uncle Dustin and Ellie for this amazing outfit: Striped baby legs and pink tutu. 


Week 41

"Don't I look cute?" says Seona. 


Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Hello fellow readers,

I thought I would make a post only about Gideon. It has been a while since I wrote about him but it is so hard to capture the moments on camera. Also, I just love to play with him by myself when there is time.

He has grown up so much over the past 9 months, since Seona has been born. He is more independent in his play. He can use speak with more than 3 words in a sentence. He loves to sing Veggie Tales songs all the time, especially the theme song. 

My favorite story happened right after Seona was born. I was nursing Seona and Gideon wanted me to play with his Lego animals, elephant, giraffe and bear. So he decided to play next to our bed and Seona's bassinet. Gideon wanted his animals to go to sleep so he put them in the bassinet. He was able to get bear and elephant out but giraffe was in the middle. His arms were too short to reach it. At this time, all he could say was help. I couldn't help so I told him to find papa for help. Gideon said help but he didn't know any other words to communicate why he needed help. So he attempted to push the bassinet out of the bedroom. The door frame was not wide enough for the bassinet. Then Gideon ran to bring papa to the bedroom while shouting help. So funny.

He has learned to climb out of his crib in the middle of the night. One night Gideon was staring at me while I was sleeping in my bed around midnight. He startled me. I brought him back to his room and put him back into his crib. I found out the next morning that he was playing with toys and stamping his hand with stamps. Now I am always listening for Gideon in the night. He can open doorknobs now.

I think he is telling us he is ready for a big boy bed. We have been reading him stories about big boy beds and praying that he will transition well. He likes to jump on the bed. He can recite "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed" while he is jumping.

Playing with trains


Playing with stamps or just the stamp pad


Playing with pipecleaners (This reminds me of MacKenzie's toes!)


Tons of toys on his table


Stacking stamps


He loves cold pasta!


Playing outside with sticks and rocks


Playing with a container of lentils



Sibling fun already