Thursday, June 17, 2010

5 Ulysses vs 12 D'Artagnan; 5 Tiago vs 12 Finn

Thanks for voting on our last post! Keep on the lookout for many more future posts. Since we are on summer break now, we are hoping to post more often, maybe even every other day. =)

Hezekiah wins 6-3 and Cooper wins 6-4. Onto the next match ups!!!

Siobhan: My favorite book in middle school and high school was the Three Musketeers. I loved the plot and the friendship among the musketeers, maybe because it reminds me of my siblings. So of the musketeer names, D'Artagnan seemed the best match with Chan. As for the next match-up, we were filling out the bracket and noticed that we had a slot open in international and we forgot to add Finn. Yes, we know that Finn doesn't fit in international, we still liked it, but when you put it with Chan, Finn Chan. It doesn't work as well. The monosyllabic first name just doesn't sound right with a monosyllabic last name.

Gar: I think I'm going to pick Finn for the upset, here. I'm surprised you didn't like the Glee reference? If we're going to talk about names with a literary references, Finn is an obvious reference to the Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, one of the 3 great books in American history. Tiago is the Portugese form of James, but everybody going to mess up the pronunciation of the name (CHEE-a-goh is the correct way of saying it). As for D'Artagnan... I'm not a fan of names with apostrophes or the French. Sorry, musketeer... my vote is for Ulysses!

Siobhan: I do like Glee, but I am just stating a fact about monosyllabic last names. Just something to think about when casting your vote. Using Google search, I found two young lads: one who has the name Tiago Chan and the other Ulysses Chan. One has many Latin friends and the other has Asian friends. One likes Magic, the Gathering while the other one wears a hooded sweatshirt while hiding his face. Hmmm... I am still all for D'Artagnan. There seems to not be a D'Artagnan Chan at this moment and maybe our son will make be the model of all D'Artagnan Chans that follow.

Gar: Are you talking about this Tiago Chan? I don't care if our son plays Magic or wears a hoody, I just don't like Tiago. As for D'Artagnan Chan... doesn't that rhyme? I think rhyming names are worst than monosyllabic names. Pshhht. ;)

EDIT: Voting is now closed. Thanks for voting everyone!



  1. Finn Chan sounds so resolute. One syllable names are solid and unwavering. Think of John Wayne, Brad Pitt, Bruce Lee and Max Payne. Then you have multiple-syllable names like Gilbert Gottfried and Johnathan Gosselin. I rest my case. Huzzah for one syllable names.

    Ulysses. I generally disapprove of names that contain punctuation. Nay to D'Artagnan.

  2. Ulysses and Tiago, but I don't know about these ones ...

  3. I am going to go with Ulysses and Finn... this is my first vote. Love the idea!

  4. 1) D'Artagnan - I also loved "The Three Musketeers" along with "The Count of Monte Cristo" and "The Man in the Iron Mask". My favorite adaptation of the novel was the one starring Michael York as D'Artagnan. That movie stayed true to the novel and even injected some humor. D'Artagnan started out as a hot-headed youth with a dream to become a Musketeer of the Guard. Not only did he succeed, he found life-long friends who all live by the motto "All for one, one for all". I pray that our grandson will have inseparable friends who will look after one another.

    2) Finn - See my entry in the previous bracket. It's unfortunate that Finn was matched against Tiago since I was the one who suggested the name. I entered Tiago because of the "James" connection and the fact that one of Siobhan's mission trip was to Brazil where Portuguese is the native language.

  5. Ulysses- D'Artagnan is a much cooler sounding name, but I'm hesitant to choose it because of the apostrophe.

    Tiago- Finn is just too short to go with Chan.

  6. I don't have any particular likes in this round. So,I am to go CC's way....D'Artagnan and Tiago.

  7. Ulysses & Tiago. Together - Ulysses Tiago Chan

  8. 1) D'Artagnan. Going with the awesome sounding choice.
    2) Tiago. Finn Chan sounds awkward to me.

  9. omg. i am my mother's daughter. i was thinking the exact same thing reading through the post.

    D'Artagnan and Tiago. :)

    hahha~ :)

  10. D'Artagnan for sure. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

    Tiago. Tiago Splitter will be playing for the San Antonio Spurs in the near future.

  11. Sorry, Shiv...Ulysses and Finn for me. I really like the name Finn and I'm that you "remembered" to include it :) As for Ulysses and D'Artagnan... i don't really care for either name... just went for the one I could pronounce easier.