Thursday, August 16, 2012

Seona Week 1, 2 and 3

We have been super busy at the Chan household. There has not been a dull moment. I have been taking pictures but unable to find the time to upload them or write a post. Seona is definitely different than Gideon. We are still learning more about her every day. For Gideon's weekly pictures, we used a lion to show his growth. The lion was special to us because Garrett gave it to me when we were dating. Garrett wanted a dragon for Seona's stuff animal but Grandma Wong wasn't too keen on Toothless from "How to Train a Dragon." So we settled for Sully from "Monsters Inc." I gave Sully to Garrett when we were dating. I think it looks too big next to Seona.

Week 1

Week 2 
Hmm... still figuring out awake time. She was not a happy camper as you can tell. P1100670

 Week 3

 Oh, Seona, we love you lots and lots! P1100701 P1100683