Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Definitely almost crawling videos!

Almost crawling from Gar on Vimeo.

almost crawling 2 from Gar on Vimeo.

Happy viewing!

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week 32, almost 8 months old!

I have been a little behind on the blog post because it's march madness. Even though I did not make a bracket and I don't have a home team to cheer on, the games have been amazing. I like watching Butler play. You never know what will happen.

Gideon has been practicing his crawling skills. He cannot crawl but he can move from one place to another very quickly. He is motivated by musical items and the remote control. Garrett and I take out the batteries to let him push the buttons. He likes to roll around but favoring one side. So when he rolls towards the couch, he doesn't want or can't roll the other way. He just keeps trying to roll over the couch. He also bangs his head accidentally on the side of the crib because he is trying to roll over. I hope he figures it out soon, rolling the other way.

He has found the Monchichi backpack to be interesting, especially since we put the bag in his Bumbo. Gideon would crawl up to it and have a staring contest. Just today, Gideon found the strap to the bag. He was pulling on the strap with grunting. He didn't get the monchichi backpack, but it did make me chuckle.

Who is in my Bumbo?

Who is in my Bumbo?

The weekly picture has been a way to capture all of Gideon's outfits as he is growing bigger. He also wanted to hold onto the towel. He had a death grip on it. He looks taller in this week's picture. I swear he must have grown over night.

Week 31

Week 31

Week 31

reading with papa

Gideon has been enjoying the eating of solid foods. He has been eating out of his booster chair. Thanks Auntie Carolyn! We try to eat next to him so that he is learning about family meal time. Right now, he loves the large rice cracker that he can hold and eat on his own. He gets mad when he can't find the rest of it. He holds it so tight that he eats the outer area and doesn't realize that he can let go of his fingers to see the rest. Solid foods that Gideon likes: avocado, papaya, pear, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, curry carrots and potatoes, cinnamon oatmeal, leeks, peas, chicken, corn bread and chinese steamed bread. Gideon gives a face when he eats bananas. He swallows it but he just has the face all the time. Next up, cauliflower and lentils.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week 31

This week was a busy week with Gideon. He got a flu shot over the weekend and he showed some symptoms, runny nose and a cough. He didn't get a fever and he didn't act differently. So the nurse told us to wait it out, but if there was a fever, we should come in. No fever and Gideon is feeling better. He has been wearing his purple and gold in honor of march madness. Go Dawgs!

Week 31

Week 31

A friend at my school gave this backpack to us since she saw the picture of Gideon and his monchichi friends. I don't know if Gideon likes to wear a backpack. Sorry Garrett, another picture with his samurai knot.

My first backpack

My first backpack

Thanks Auntie Jaime, Uncle David and Auntie Becky for this awesome onesie from NYC!


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Week 30 and almost crawling

Gideon is now seven months and one week old. He had a busy weekend with little sleep. I believe he wanted to be in his own bed and he was so excited with meeting people and attending a wedding. He is now back home and on his regular schedule. Woohoo! This week has passed another milestone, 3 poopie diapers in one week, since the newborn stage.

He has been eating more solids. He is eating rice cereal, apples, butternut squash, avocado and papaya. He is learning to like oat cereal, peas and sweet potatoes. His hair is getting in the way so we are pulling it back into a samurai knot, or a ponytail on the top of his head. He looks more and more like me.



Here is a close up of Gideon's hair and face. He was scooting towards me while I was taking photos. His hair is getting so long.

close up

The weekly photo, sweater vest and polo shirt.

Week 30

Video of Gideon moving forward his way. Thanks Mimi for the foam squares. Virgin America flight attendants didn't say anything when I brought them on board.

Baby G almost crawling from Gar on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

California weekend!

We flew down for a quick weekend in the Bay Area for our friend's wedding, Coralie and Asa. It was a beautiful ceremony and detail-oriented celebration. There was also a photo booth. Garrett and Baby G took a father-son photo session in the booth. We will have to scan the pictures for you to see later. My brother, Dustin, was our chauffeur for the day with his friend, Daniel. We saw many people and just hung out with Baby G. Thanks Dustin for driving us around on Saturday!

Uncle Dustin and Gideon

Gideon and the Leungs

Mimi, Gideon and MacKenzie

Dustin, Valene and Gideon

Gideon's first wedding

Gideon and Great Grandma

Staring contest

We saw almost everyone, except Auntie Jaime! (she was in Arizona, celebrating a friend's wedding) We will definitely see you in the summer! Thanks for letting us crash at your place. Enjoy the picture present. =)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Week 29

We are going to California for a short weekend to celebrate Coralie's wedding. It will be Gideon's first wedding. Since my usual posting happens on Saturday morning during his morning nap, I thought I would make an earlier post.

I have been making babyfood with the Beaba. I made peas and sweet potatoes for Gideon. He has not tried either one just yet. We still had butternut squash and apples to finish from the first time we used the Beaba. Woohoo for solids and for yummy food. Gideon has been very interested in eating and he loves rice cereal and avocado. Well, I can say that he likes it because he doesn't dislike it. =)

Baby Food

This week marks the return to a long stretch of sleep. With teething, daycare and a cold, his sleeping habits were erratic. Now, all members of the Chan family have been getting a good night's rest. We just enjoy what we have now and know that it will change at any moment.

Happy Week 29 Gideon! You are seven months old! oh my! Shout out to Uncle Dustin: it's a hand-me-down that we borrowed from Caleb!

Week 29

Week 29

Week 29

Week 29

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scooting Video

Happy Fans of Gideon! I have finally found time to upload the video of Gideon scooting backwards and pushing himself on his knees. He looks very eager to crawl. We still have to babyproof the house before that happens.

Scooting Backwards from Gar on Vimeo.