Sunday, June 13, 2010

5 Hezekiah vs 12 Andrew; 5 Pharrell vs 12 Cooper

Well, the votes are in... Kheiron beats Dante 7-4, and Mateo whoops Azul 9-2.

This week's match-ups are:

From the BIBLICAL region, 5 Hezekiah vs 12 Andrew.
From the VANILLA region, 5 Pharrell vs 12 Cooper

Gar: This week's match-ups are easy picks for me. While I do like the name Andrew (the name of one Jesus' disciples), I think it's way too common for Baby Chan. Hezekiah is much more original, and has a lot of good points - in the Bible, Hezekiah was one of the only "good kings", a strong leader who restored the people's faith. There's also a gospel singer I like named Hezekiah Walker. As for Pharrell versus Cooper, my pick is for Pharrell. Not only is Pharrell one-half of the super-producer duo The Neptunes (I'm a fan), "Cooper" to me is just another last name turned into a first name. Plus, the origin of the name isn't that good - a "cooper" was someone who made barrels for a living. Not exactly the future career I had in mind for my son...

Siobhan: My brother and sister went to high school when I was going to college. An ongoing joke is that they have an imaginary older sister who comes out during the holidays, aka a paid actress. To honor this ongoing joke, let's continue by naming our firstborn son after the friend, Andrew. As for the second match up, Cooper was suggested by a cousin. The initials for our son would then be C.C. which just so happens to be my nickname growing up. I also like the name from the television show, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper. "Hey, Coop!"

Gar: How close is this friend, anyways? If we're going to start naming our children after friends, they'd better be close friends. I don't know this Andrew guy. Hangin' with Mr. Cooper was an OK show, but I'm sure there's better names out there for us to choose that start with "C" if you want the initials C.C. for him. Besides, "CeCe" is a really girlie nickname for a guy. I'm not convinced our son should have anything like it.

Siobhan: His initials would be C.C. but he wouldn't be called that. If we can have a name that represents Garrett's son, why can't one name be my initials? As for Pharrell, we all know why this name has such a high seed. Yes, Garrett loves hip-hop music and probably would have been a D.J. but what about other future careers for our son? Being a music producer and making beats sounds like a great job, but how many musicians make it big in the music industry? I wouldn't want our son to be disappointed by his namesake when he tries out spinning tracks and can only find the Wiggles as clients. Let's stay with Cooper!

EDIT: Voting is now closed! Thanks everyone!



  1. I agree with Gar, Andrew Chan is way too common. so my vote is for Hezekiah!

    My other vote is for Cooper. I don't know anything about the Pharrell reference and actually I thought you meant Pharaoh which would be a really odd name for your son.

  2. 1) Andrew. Common is the new uncommon. Andy Chan, Drew Chan, A.C.

    2) Cooper. Yes, it's another last named turned first name, oh wells. Pharrell - good producer/artist, but not enough reason to justify naming your firstborn after him. Unless you are his #1 fan and that you'll actually have him there when your son is born. And then you have people thinking "Pharaoh?"... ;P

  3. 1) Hezekiah - I have nothing against the name Andrew. But it doesn't have lend any significance to me and it is a common name. Hezekiah is a name of a good king of Judah who turned to God in prayer when all seemed lost. God answered his prayer and delivered Judah from the Assyrian army. And when Hezekiah was gravely ill, God again answered his prayer by adding more years to his life and turned back the sun as a sign of His promise. I pray that baby Chan will be person of prayer because great things will happen when God provides.

    2) Cooper - Again, Pharrell does not mean a thing to me. However, our kids grew up watching "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper" when it was part of the ABC TGIF lineup which included Family Matters (Steve Urkel), Boy Meets World (Corey & Topanga), & Step By Step (Suzanne Somers). Cooper is also a barrel maker. On our trip to Burgundy, we learned that the winemaking process really begins with the cooper. Selecting the proper tree with the right fiber structure determines the release of tannins from the wood into the wine. Tannins will improve the wine during the aging process to a complex one with distinct multi-layered flavors.

  4. oops, missed the last one...

    andrew... A.C. ... Slater!!! :)

    cooper... C.C. i like how everything 'really begins with the cooper'... nice~

    winemaker he shall be! wahooo! :)

  5. Mira says....Hezekiah and Cooper

    Andrew is too common and Pharrell sounds too royal.

  6. Hezekiah - If Baby Chan was named Andrew, my friend Andrew may never believe that you're my sister, and continue to think it's all part of the "act".

    Pharrell - I'm a fan of the name and the man. Cooper reminds me of three things: my friend's dog, a nuclear power plant in Nebraska, and DB Cooper from Prison Break.

  7. Hezekiah and Cooper

    Cooper might be a guy who makes barrels, but at least no one will make fun of him by saying/singing, "Pharaoh, Pharaoh, oooh, let my people go!"

  8. Yes!!, I was waiting for you to take the bait on A.C. Slater! Alley-oop! Whut whut.

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  10. 1) Hezekiah

    2) Cooper

    Your name is Pharrell? Yeah, "feral" spelled with a "Ph". What?

  11. Hezekiah - Andrew is a little too common, plus Hezekiah can have some pretty good nicknames that can come from it...Hez, Kiah, Z.

    Cooper - Pharrell reminds me of Will Ferrell...or is it Colin Farrell?

  12. Pharrell and Hezekiah. His nickname could be Heezy.

  13. btw, i don't know if we're going to finish the naming tournament by the time the baby is born.