Sunday, May 30, 2010

8 Ephraim vs. 9 Marcus; 8 Garvin vs. 9 Garrison

Last voting session: Cyprus beats Hector 8-4 and Ignacio beats Ichiro 9-3.

This week's next match-ups are:

From the "BIBLICAL" region, number 8 seed Ephraim faces number 9 seed Marcus, and in the "VANILLA" region, number 8 seed Garvin faces number 9 seed Garrison.

Gar: Another tough round this week. Ephraim is the younger of Joseph's sons, and means "very fruitful". Marcus is a form of "Mark" and means "warlike". I like both names, but since Marcus/Mark is a little bit too common, my vote is for Ephraim. As Garvin versus Garrison, Garvin to me sounds a little bit too much like a bastardization of "Marvin". So I'll go with Garrison for the upset!

Siobhan: We are getting to the closer match-ups. I have appreciated the name Ephraim since it is a unique name that is not so commonly used. I am reminded of the WB series, Everwood. Ephraim was a gifted pianist who transformed music into emotion. =) As for the second match up, I am all for Garrison as well. Garrison stands for spear-fortified town; protection, stronghold. Definitely manly characteristics!

Gar: Wait, so we have nothing to disagree about? How boring.

Siobhan: So you don't have anything to say about Everwood? Gar said," I am not taking your bait." Ok, so readers, that means we will have to make another post today with other match ups. Take care.


2 Hector vs 15 Cyprus; 2 Ignacio vs 15 Ichiro

Well the results are in from the last match-up: Gideon won 12-1, and August just barely won, 7-5.

This week's match-ups are:

From the "HISTORICAL/LITERARY" region, number 2 seed Hector faces number 15 seed Cyprus, and in the "INTERNATIONAL" region, number 2 seed Ignacio faces number 15 seed Ichiro.

Siobhan: Hector is a strong name for a boy, but what nickname would come from it? Hec... tor.... I think that Cyprus is a great contender because of the nickname, "Cy." I am looking for a possible upset in this region. As for the international region, Ichiro has positive recognition in Washington State and the nation. I hope that our son wouldn't have to explain how to say his name to a teacher, but it just seems too predictable to name our son after a well-known baseball player. I haven't met anybody named Ignacio Chan. Woohoo for individuality!

Gar: I like Hector a lot, as it references the noble Trojan hero from the Iliad. He was courageous, strong, and defended his family and country. Cyprus isn't a bad name, but I associate it with trees or with Cyprus Hill (who smoke trees). Ha! Ignacio is a form of Ignatius which comes from the Latin word for "fire". Several saints have been named Ignatius, plus "fire" denotes passion and strength. Ichiro is Japanese for literally "first son", but the combination of "Ichiro Chan" will sound funny to Japanese speakers since it sounds like someone trying to use "-chan" (as opposed to "-san" or "-kun" or "-sama") isn't common for addressing grown men. Hmmm.

Siobhan: Cyprus is not a tree; it's an island in the Mediterranean Sea, where Aphrodite was claimed to have been born. Who wouldn't want to be named after the island where Aphrodite came from? It's amazing there. Our son would be proud to say that he was named after an island. Yes, Troy was a great movie, but it wasn't Hector who stole the show. It was Achilles. Plus, Hector died in the movie. He had to give up his life for the people who were not smart and brought in a large wooden horse.

Gar: You want our son associated with Aphrodite, the GODDESS OF LOVE? He's a dude! I like Cyprus Hill and all, but naming him Cyprus is setting him up for life of being "Insane in the Brain". I don't want our son to be loco. Oh, and Hector died a heroic death. The "guy who stole the show", Achilles, got himself shot in the foot. What a n00b way to die.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

2 Gideon vs 15 Malachi; 2 August vs 15 Keagan

Well the results are in from the last match-up: Langston won 14-2, and Santiago managed a late comeback against Seamus, 8-4.

This week's match-ups are:

From the "BIBLICAL" region, number 2 seed Gideon faces number 15 seed Malachi, and in the "VANILLA" region, number 2 seed August faces number 15 seed Keagan.

Gar: The Biblical region has some great names. I like Malachi because it's the name of a prophet that hasn't been over-used. However, I'll have to go with Gideon because it's a "G" name and Gideon's story in the book of Judges is one of most interesting in the Bible: a unremarkable man of faith who was initially filled with doubt, but picked by God to free his people from oppression. Plus, having the possibility of the nickname "Deon" is fun too. For the Vanilla region, August and Keagan are both interesting names - August means "great", but Keagan means "Descendant Of The Fiery One". For sheer awesome-ness, the upset goes to Keagan.

Siobhan: I liked the movie, August Rush. I know that it is inconceivable that a young boy, a mom and dad could find each other in New York City, but it's more than that. His musicality and determination brought him through. Our boy will be the same in that sense and also he was born in August. As for the Biblical bracket, I will have to side with Gideon over Malachi. Here is the only reason that you should not vote for Malachi: the name will be shortened to "Kai." I rest my case.

Gar: Sure, the kid in August Rush may have been a musical genius, but he also spent a large majority of the movie hanging around a creepy street hustler played by an extra weird Robin Williams. I'm pretty sure I want my son to say away from creepy old guys / strangers. Would you like Malachi better if people nicknamed him "Mal" - like Captain Mal AKA Malcolm Reynolds in the sci-fi cult class TV series, Firefly?

Shiv: We are not naming our kid, Robin, nor Williams, so I am just focusing on August's character who was sweet, kind and talented. Maybe our kid will write a symphony too when he is eleven years old. Back to Malachi, people will not call him "Mal." It means bad in Spanish. Who wants their child to be called bad? Let me make it more clear: there was a kid whose name sounded like "Malachi" that was in my class. He screamed at the students, rammed his body against the locked classroom door, and grabbed female students' female parts. It's Gideon all the way!

EDIT: Voting is now closed! =)


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1 Langston VS 16 Fitzwilliam; 1 Santiago VS 16 Seamus

Thanks to everybody who voted in our first match-ups! Zion won in a landslide, 14-4, while Griffin managed to survive Dawson, 12-7. Exciting.

Are you ready for the next round?

In the "HISTORICAL / LITERARY" region, number 1 seed Langston faces 16 Fitzwilliam and in the "INTERNATIONAL" region, number 1 seed Santiago faces 16 Seamus.

Siobhan - Ok, friends, the historical/literary region is a tough match up for me. I like both names because of how the emulate strength,intelligence and eloquence. Langston was chosen because of the poet Langston Hughes. He is an amazing writer and lead the Harlem Renaissance. Fitzwilliam Darcy, aka Mr. Darcy, is from Pride and Prejudice. Need I say more? As for the International region, it's a tough match because they both are forms of James. Seamus, pronounced Shay-mus, is the Irish form of James and Santiago is the Latin/Spanish form of James. I like the book of James and how the prophet shared great wisdom.

Gar - Obviously, we like all 4 names since they're in the bracket... but this bracket is all about which names will WIN! Heh heh. Mr. Darcy, while a dashing character, is still just fiction to me. Langston Hughes was a real person, whose artistic talent thrived despite the racial prejudices of his day. Santiago and Seamus are a tougher match for me, but Santiago edges out Seamus because Santiago is the name of the main character in one of my all-time favorite books, The Alchemist.

Siobhan - Mr. Darcy was more than just dashing; he had superpowers to woo young Elizabeth Bennett with his reticence and his come hither looks. Who can say that they can get a girl from just being a strong silent type? As for Seamus, I believe that it would be a difficult name to go to school with. Just think about all the mispronunciations that could happen. But then again, will Santiago have to keep answering the question: Are you Spanish?

Gar - I'm sure our son can survive questions about being Spanish if both his parents had IRISH first names... from TV shows! Ha. Yes, Mr. Darcy's come hither looks worked on Miss Bennett... but she was a fictional character too! Pshhht. Besides, Fitzwilliam seems like an unnecessary extension of William. I can imagine the kids making fun of Baby Chan already... "Hey William... are you having a FIT?" End of story.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

First Mother's Day

This morning I had a usual routine of going to the bathroom, eating breakfast and then getting ready for church. Garrett was still sleeping so I had the house to myself for a moment. I had to use the bathroom again, and when I came out Garrett handed me this book and said, "Happy Mother's Day!"

The book is titled, "That's not my mom!" It is a cute story about a giraffe mom and a giraffe child who are in the forest. The giraffe child followed a line of termites and when he looked up, his mom was not there. Each page has a flap that opens up with beautiful pictures.

It was a great present for Garrett to give me. Now I need to think of a present for him in a month. =)

Thanks so much for all the votes. We will be starting the new match ups soon! It's a close one in the Vanilla bracket.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

1 Zion VS 16 Abner; 1 Griffin VS 16 Dawson

This is the first set of games in our Baby Chan Name Bracket tournament. Hurray!

In the "BIBLICAL" region, number 1 seed Zion faces 16 Abner, and in the "VANILLA" region, number 1 seed Griffin faces 16 Dawson.

Gar - I like both number 1 seeds a lot; the name "Zion" is representative of a complex spiritual idea, the convergence of a spiritual hope and homeland. It's mentioned 166 times in the Bible, even more than the 161 times the word "hope" is. And Griffin? Well, it's a "G" name (three generations of men in my family including myself have first names that begin with "G") and it's a mythical beast that's half-eagle, half-lion. So cool.

Siobhan - I think we might have an upset in the "Vanilla" region. Who cares about a half-eagle, half-lion creature, Dawson has his own creek. Plus he can find a life lesson in any Spielberg film. That is a skill. As far as Abner, it means "father of lights" in Hebrew. He was also commander-in-chief of Saul's army. Strong, capable leaders are chosen to be in that position. Woohoo for strength and creeks!

Gar - Yeah, Dawson might have his own creek... BUT HE LOST THE GIRL! I don't want my son to be named after a dude who can't get with the love of his life. Plus, Dawson happens to be really close to Dawkins, the name of a famous atheist - one who is notorious for his condescending attitude toward people of all faiths. And while I have nothing against Abner, it's just not as cool as Zion. Plus, Zion starts with the letter "Z"! The most under-used letter in the alphabet next to X.

Siobhan - People will not relate Dawson with Dawkins at first glimpse. They will think about how awesome the name is and they should have named their child Dawson too. As far as Zion, it just so happens that Bob Marley has a song, Iron, Lion, Zion that Garrett likes. Reggae music is inspirational, but Bob Marley is not the stand-up role model that I want my son to look up to. I can hear our son saying that if Bob can smoke the ganja, then why can't I?


Name Bracket Unveiled

Hello family and friends,

We are now ready with all 64 names, seeded and in a "region." When I was writing down all the names into the bracket, I felt excited that one of the names that I was writing down could be Baby Chan's name. Then I felt a tinge of "oh-no" what am I getting myself into. Garrett and I appreciate all the name suggestions and recommendations. Most made the bracket, but some did not. We hope that you enjoy the upcoming voting sessions. We hope to make the voting for each "game" open for at least 4 days to a week. So make sure you keep on checking the blog for the "games."


The next post will be the first two match-ups. Garrett and I will post our two cents about the names before the voting begins. Only one vote per match-up and you may add commentary to sway other voters. =)