Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week 41

It's Memorial day weekend, so I added a couple of activities that I usually wouldn't have on a normal weekend. Gideon and I had a play date with Zane and Zane's mom. Garrett and I stayed up making catfish nuggets and chocolate chip cookies, just because. I wish every weekend was a three day weekend.

Well, we are in week 41, one week before the big ten month birthday! I cannot believe how fast the time is going. Especially now that school is almost out! Woohoo for summer break!

This week Gideon is working on scooting down the sofa while standing. He tries to move his feet but he mostly reaches for the toy or remote control without having to move down the sofa.

We also caught Gideon dumping out some baby powder on the ground. Here is the after picture.


Gideon knows that there is more places to see off the play mats. He ventures off the mats into the new territory. He plays with the carseat. He rocks it back and forth, watching the movement. Then he would try to rock the exosaucer too. He is a curious baby. Here he is playing with the awesome ball that Auntie Valene and Uncle Dustin gave Gideon for Christmas. He is no longer just sucking it but playing with it.




And of course, the weekly photos! Enjoy!




Saturday, May 21, 2011

Week 40

This week was filled with sunshine, bucket hat (sun hat, multiple stinky diapers (no more once a week) and a trip to the dentist.

I better start with the last item, the dentist. With the brushing and rubbing of Gideon's teeth, at least twice a day, he was showing signs of stains near his gum line. I tried to rub harder, but then Gideon would get mad so we tried a non-fluoride tooth gel. He didn't seem to mind with the naturally flavored gel but he still didn't like the rubbing. The stains were still there and I wasn't sure how bad it would be. So we got a medical opinion. Gideon would not keep his mouth open to have the dentist try to get the stains off. The dentist said that we are doing everything right in trying to keep his teeth clean. He said to continue doing it and just watch out for further staining. I am more at peace with what we are doing and continuing to monitor his teeth.

Ok, back to the more fun stuff. With the sunshine, Gideon does not like to wear sunglasses that we would try on in the store. So we opted for a sun hat or what Garrett would say, a bucket hat because it's more masculine sounding.

One morning, while I was driving Garrett to work, Gideon was playing in his carseat reading a book. The sun was just hitting that spot in the sky where driving eastbound can be a little tricky. Well, we were driving westbound and the sun was behind us, aka through the rear window. Garrett was taking his normal morning nap when I heard Gideon crying. Usually he doesn't cry in the morning. He is well-fed. He has a clean diaper and a toy. Garrett woke up to find Gideon pulling down the canopy of the carseat and the sunlight was hurting his eyes. Garrett fixed the canopy and went back to sleep. Thirty seconds later, Gideon was crying again, canopy pulled down and sun in his eyes. We thought he would learn from the first time, or the second time, but nope, he continued to do it all the way to daycare. Crazy boy! So I found him this awesome reversible bucket hat from etsy on sale. I also bought another one in a larger size.

Gideon tried monterey jack cheese this week. He made a slimy mess. =)

Bucket hat profile

Bucket hat

eating cheese

Week 40

Week 40

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Week 39

Gideon is now closer towards the 12 month milestone. I knew that he is getting older every day but now he is able to do more than just sit and be cute. He can return a smile when you smile at him. He laughs at funny faces. He loves to play peek-a-boo. He is practicing his wave goodbye when someone leaves. He is feeding himself more foods with his hands. He currently loves fish sticks. He loves feeding himself. He would stuff one half in his mouth and continue with the other half with a full mouth. We hope that he learns to wait and "gum" the food first before adding more.

This weekend, Garrett and I went to a marriage retreat in Seattle. Christine Nakano invited us to attend since it was hosted by the church that she ministers to. We appreciated the helping hands to take care of Gideon while we were learning more tips and strategies to strengthening our marriage. Thank you to Grandma Chan for Friday evening fun! Thank you to Auntie Kimmie and Uncle Jonathan for watching Gideon all day on Saturday!

We took Gideon's weekly picture after giving him a bath. So his hair looks slicked back but it's just wet. He looks very different when his hair is swept away from his face. He was also really into holding the transformer's cup in the bath. He would not let it go. When we tried to switch it with another toy, he would make a yelp. So that is why he is holding a cup in his weekly picture.

Week 39

Week 39

Week 39

Saturday, May 7, 2011

9 months! (Week 38)

I cannot believe that Gideon is now 9 months old. He went to see the pediatrician this week. Due to a mommy memory lapse, we did not see Dr. Kumasaka. Since Gideon is moving around a lot, he did not gain as much weight. He is now 18 lbs. 4 oz. He is 27.75 inches tall. The pediatrician was impressed by Gideon's ability to pull himself up and crawling all over the place. She also predicts that he might be an earlier walker.

This week Gideon met Ayano for the first time. She played volleyball with us when she was living in Seattle. She was visiting from Japan this past week. She liked holding Gideon and Gideon liked her too.

Gideon, Ayano and Aya

Gideon also played with Camille. Well, side by side play. He doesn't know his own strength.

Gideon and Camille


So his weekly picture was fun to take this week. He was awake, happy and alert. I love the picture where he looks like he is doing soulja boy. =) Gideon, happy 9 month birthday! We love you!

Week 38, 9 Months

Week 38, 9 Months