Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gideon's dancing moves

Garrett caught this wonderful dancing moment on camera. We affectionately call it Gideon's Magic Mike audition. =)

P1100590 from Gar on Vimeo.

23 months 2 weeks and 3 weeks

Yes, we are all doing well at home. We are slowly adjusting to having more than one kid to take care of. We will post more later. For now, here are his weekly photos. 23 months and 2 weeks
Gideon loves to read the book, 5 little pumpkins. He wanted it in his picture.

P1100547 23 months and 3 weeks
Gideon is now a big brother. It was hot in our house due to the warm weather. That is why he is bottomless!
Extra pictures...
Drawing with Papa
Drawing with Grandpa

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gideon the organizer

We just realized that Gideon likes to put things in order. He puts all the magnetic letters in the bucket so he has more room for the magnetic animals. He puts the magnetic animals in a line, like a totem pole on the refrigerator. Here are a couple of pictures of his organizational skills. P1100466 P1100530

Summer Activities

Being a teacher, summer reading is important at any age. So I signed Gideon up for the King County Library Summer reading program for preschoolers. We already read to Gideon throughout the day and we take him to the library when we can. He loves looking at the pictures in the books and finding new ones to read with Mama and Papa. Gideon earned his prizes already and it's just the middle of July. He received a certificate of completion, glow-in-the-dark stars and these amazing glasses. P1100511 P1100539 Chinese Baptist Church put on a block party in the community. It was called Party on the Hill. There was an amazing turnout and many volunteers to organize it. Gideon had fun. Can't you tell by the pictures? P1100522 P1100524 P1100526 P1100527

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm not Billy!

This is a fun post that highlights our summer break with Gideon. Gideon loves daycare and we love Patty! Since Gideon has been staying with us and not going to daycare, I think he misses the kids and of course the dogs. Gideon loves to throw balls and I assume that the dogs would get the ball for him. So guess who has become Billy at our home? At first, Gideon would just throw one ball and ask for more or help to retrieve the ball. We thought it was cute but then we started to connect the dots. He was playing a game of fetch. I would go get the balls for him but after a while, it was tiring so Garrett soon was named, "Billy." Enjoy the video!

P1100538 from Gar on Vimeo.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

23 months and 23 months and 1 week!

We have been enjoying the summer break as a family. It is so much fun hanging out with Gideon and Garrett without a schedule. We want to give Gideon as much attention now before baby girl arrives. She is still enjoying her time in the womb. I have no idea when she will make her debut.

Gideon turned 23 months the day after the fourth of July. I can't believe that he will be two years old soon. On the 4th of July, we had friends over to hang out and play board games. Here is Gideon entertaining his guests with the water table.



Matching hats!


Matching shirts!


Matching shoes!

We took Gideon to his first Caspar Babypants concert at the local library. Gideon enjoyed the music even though there were a lot of kids around and it was his nap time. He even got an autographed CD. P1100510 Gideon enjoyed swimming at one of the few outdoor pools in Seattle. He liked the toys more than swimming. He was just content watching all the kids play and swim.


Happy 23 months with a haircut!


23 months and 1 week
Gideon is getting very wiggly. He knows what it means when I say, "It's time to take a picture." He climbs up on the couch next to the lion, but before I can get ready to take the shot, he is almost off the couch. He is wearing his Arizona Wildcats shirt with pride for Auntie Jaime! I found it at a Goodwill here and I have the exact same one too, but I don't know where it is right now.



Video post!

Videos that have been uploaded but not shared on our blog. Enjoy!

Gideon usually wears a sleep sack when he goes to sleep. It wasn't dried all the way so he just wore a comfy fleece pajamas. This is how I found him the following morning.

Listen closely and you can hear Gideon's transforming sounds.

Gideon loves fruit especially now that it's summer. There are so many choices. Here he is eating a peach!

Papa and Gideon doing what boys do best!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

2 Mirai vs 7 Soluna; 2 Selah vs 7 Celeste

It's been a fun first round through Baby Girl Chan's name bracket... this week features the final match-up of the round! 

However, let's get a quick update of last week's results:  Adela defeats Estrella 10-7, while Seraphina crushes Samantha 15-3.  Thanks to all our fans who voted via the blog comments and Facebook!

This week's match ups are:  2 Mirai versus 7 Soluna from the "International" region, and 2 Selah versus 7 Celeste from the "Biblical" region. 

PRONUNCIATION GUIDE:  Mirai (Mee-rye), Soluna (Sol-loo-nah), Selah (Say-lah), Celeste (Suh-lesT).

Gar:  I can't believe the first round is finally over... hurray!  For the first match-up, Mirai is a Japanese girl's name that means "future" - a fitting name since Baby Girl Chan is literally our future!  Soluna is comes from the Spanish words for "sun" (Sol) and "moon" (Luna).  Selah comes from Hebrew and appears frequently in the book of Psalms, where its true meaning is somewhat mysterious, but many think it means "pause and reflect".  Celeste comes from Latin and means "heavenly".  I like both names, but I'll give the edge to the names Mirai and Selah. 

Shiv: I can't believe it either. I liked Soluna but then I remembered they were a girl group with the one hit wonder, "For All Time." I don't know if I would like our baby girl to have a name that is linked to this group with a cheesy song with the cheesy line: "Baby you know it ain't no lie, I'm gonna be with you til the day I die." So yeah, Mirai! I think we are on similar wave lengths for this round. Just like how Soluna reminded me of the above song, Selah reminded me about the song, "Bless the Broken Road," on Dawson's Creek Season 1 finale. It was the background song to the scene of Joey wandering around Capeside and Dawson trying to find her.

Soluna -"For All Time"

Gar: Did Dawson ever find Joey?  Because I bet Tom Cruise would like some tips on how to find her!  (ZING! Heh heh heh).  You're right, Soluna would be a great name only IF that cheesy pop group wasn't around.  Calling someone your "sun & moon" is a very poetic way of saying they're the most important thing in your life.  It reminds of Game of Thrones, how Khal Drogo and Daenerys refer to each other as "sun & stars".  So, why not Celeste? 

Shiv:  Game of Thrones reference, eh? I guess I did bring up Dawson's Creek. Celeste is close to the word celestial, meaning heavenly. I would classify the name as uncommon, common name. Not that many people have the name but it sounds common, not unique or different in any way. I was looking for famous Celeste that have come into the entertainment world. (Pop culture references are important to acknowledge before giving baby girl a name.) Not much came up and that can be a good or bad thing.

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

3 Adela vs 6 Estrella; 3 Seraphina vs 6 Samantha

Baby Girl Chan's name bracket marches on!  We're almost done with the first round... hurray!

The results from last week's voting:  Marisola edges out Misora 6-5; Estera and Shiloh tied 6-6.  (Votes are counted by on the blog, and via Facebook comments)  Using the ultra scientific method of the coin toss, Shiv called tails for Shiloh... Shiloh wins!

This week's match-ups: 3 Adela versus 6 Estrella from the "International" region, and 3 Seraphina versus 6 Samantha from the "Biblical" region.

PRONUNCIATION GUIDE:    Adela (Ah-DELL-ah), Estrella (Eh-STRAY-ah), Seraphina (Sair-ah-feen-ah), Samantha (Sah-man-thah).

Shiv: Now onto the next round, Adela versus Estrella. Well, Estrella means "star" in Spanish. It is a beautiful name. Adela is a variation of the name that I like, Adele. She is an amazing singer and songwriter. We do like her music but this year, a certain student kept singing the song, "Rolling in the Deep." So after liking the name for so long, I will have to go with Estrella. Seraphina means "ardent and fiery." Oooo.. I like those adjectives for our baby girl. She is a Dragon baby, so it would be fitting for her to be fiery!

Gar: Well, even if your certain student kept singing music by Adele, it doesn't mean Adela is a bad name!  It means "noble" and I think it would be a great name, though hmmm... one of Gideon's cousins already has "Adele" as a middle name.  Estrella might have to get my vote.  Seraphina makes me think of the seraphim, the 6-winged angels who were supposedly the most honored and most holy of God's angels.  Samantha is a more common name, the female version of Samuel, but it also has a good meaning too - it comes from Hebrew and it means "God heard".  But it also makes me think of those American Girl dolls...

Shiv: I don't think that Adela is a bad name but I will always remember this specific student just by associating the name with the singer. Estrella Acosta is a well-known jazz singer. Maybe baby girl Chan will have musical talents. Gar just referenced Samantha as to the American Girl doll. Oh, our daughter can get a doll and go to the American Girl store to get a makeover and have tea. Wouldn't that be fun, Gar? You can take her and have father-daughter bonding time. I can hear him now. =) Seraphina is an unusual name that could be shortened to Sera. Serephina Chan; it has a nice ring to it!

Gar: Seraphina Chan does have a nice ring to it.  And I will (reluctantly) take Baby Girl Chan to the American Girl store to get a makeover and have tea, if that's what she really wants even though the American Girl has only 2 Asian American girl dolls (Ivy Ling and Jess Akiko McConnell, I did my research) and neither is a "main character" doll (Boooooo).  Plus, those dolls and all their accessories are crazy expensive!  But yeah, Baby Girl Chan and I will hopefully have lots of good father-daughter bonding times over tea, delicious food, shooting guns, martial arts lessons, etc.  Heh heh.

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EDIT:  Voting is now closed!

22 months 1 week, 2 weeks and 3 weeks!

Yes, I know that I am behind on Gideon's weekly post. It was a busy end of the year and also beginning of summer break. I had to clean out my classroom since I will be in a different position next year, math interventionist. It will be an exciting transition but I still had to clean out my classroom. I knew of this transition earlier but a pregnant lady can't be moving too many boxes no matter which trimester she's in!

Also, we had a couple of home repairs that needed to be done. The expansion tank on the water heater got a crack and needed to be replaced. We had to clean up the wet mess that it left on the floor at 6am in the morning! Then we found out that we had a crack in our heat exchanger of the furnace. We had to schedule some estimates before getting a new furnace. Garrett is waiting for the next repair. I'm glad that we can get it done during the summer and before baby girl comes. She'll be here this month! I can't believe I can say that!

Funny story: A couple of weeks ago, our daycare provider suggested that Gideon should wear a onesie tomorrow. I dressed him in a T-shirt and sweatpants. During nap time, Gideon took off his pants and diaper and left a poop in the pack and play. Sorry, Patty! The next day, I dressed Gideon in a onesie and pants. During naptime, Gideon took off his pants and his diaper. He pulled the diaper out of the onesie. While wearing the onesie still buttoned up, Gideon urinated. My mom says that he is ready for the potty but it has not happened again. Auntie Jaime just laughs every time I tell the story. Now it's on the blog!

Gideon loves to say letters and pretend to write the letters like us on his paper. Here is the "M" that he got correct. We are so proud. He has only done this twice.


Gideon hugging baby sister (really he is just hugging his mama!)


22 months and 1 week

This outfit is in in honor of baby girl name bracket. Can you guess what name he's representing? Also a shout-out to Miz H.!


22 months and 2 weeks

Also another shout out to Miz. H! It's a woot shirt that has elephants and giraffes being firefighters! Gideon did not want to take a photo. He showed me his foot!



22 months and 3 weeks

Gideon was holding two plastic balls that he likes to throw around the house. We tried to give him non-plastic balls to throw that don't make a lot of noise but he prefers these ones. He is pretending to eat them like a peach!