Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6 Odysseus vs 11 Aramis; 6 Edgar vs 11 Sulemon

This week, we have a special treat... surprise commentators! Siobhan's brother Dustin and his wife Valene will be posting their thoughts for your voting pleasure.

Update: Elias defeated Solomon 6-3. Inman beats Marion 5-2. Crispin defeated Pablo 9-4. Gustavo annihiliated Garvey 11-2.

From the HISTORICAL / LITERARY region: 6 Odysseus vs 11 Aramis
From the INTERNATIONAL region: 6 Edgar vs 11 Sulemon

Dustin: Odysseus is the name of the man from Homer's epic "The Odyssey", a man who just wanted to go home. I'm afraid if Baby Chan is named Odysseus, his innate desire to just want to go home will lead to him sneaking out of his 6th grade science camp, attempt to make the dangerous trek home, meet a Cyclops, fall in love with a siren, or maybe even encounter a lanky vampire or steroidal werewolf in the deep forests of Washington. I can't take that risk with my nephew. Aramis is both a Chicago Cubs 3rd baseman (awesome) and a musketeer (even awesomer). As for the Edgar/Sulemon matchup, Sulemon is the last name of the notorious Octomom. My nephew will not be no crazy Octodad (Dr. Octopus will still be fine for Halloween). EDGAR stands for Electronic Data-Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system. Sounds smart.

Valene: The name Odysseus might make for some interesting adventures, but "there's no place like home" right? There are much worse things than a child wanting to go home. "Aramis Chan" just doesn't roll off the tongue too well. I agree Dustin, Sulemon is not my pick for Baby Chan. Since many of us are concerned with the kid being made fun of for his name how will being called "Sue Lemon" make him feel? Edgar does sound smart, and like Edgar Allan Poe maybe he'll be very purposeful with his words.

Dustin: I agree that "There's no place like home", but there's no Dorothy, Elphaba, nor Ga-linda in this bracket. We argue about how Baby Chan may be made fun of because of his name, but what about the wimpiness of being homesick? If he were named Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John, he would still get made fun of regardless of his name. Well, we are very much in agreement with Edgar. Though the name does bring up sad memories of Edgar Stiles from "24" dying in a nerve gas attack in CTU in front of Chloe, the woman he had a crush on.

Valene: There is nothing wrong with liking to be at home. Would you rather him be a party-hopping teenager that breaks his curfew night after night? And I'm not worried about our nephew becoming a wimp - he's got Garrett to teach him about knives, guns, ninjas and everything anti-wimp.

Shiv:Well done guest commentators. You can now experience our posting rituals and how tiring it could be when there might not be something to say. Stay tuned for another post. Happy voting!

EDIT: Voting is now closed.


  1. 1) Aramis. I like both, but I think the nickname potential "Odie" for Odysseus nudges me toward Aramis.

    2) Edgar. Sulemon looks like a poorman's Solomon, which already lost. I "know" 3 Edgars - one is a pretty cool guy and is a yo-yo genius, 2nd one is weird and I don't know what's his deal, 3rd one has a street named after him by Safeco Field. 2 out of 3 ain't bad. "Edgar Chan Drive"

  2. 1) Aramis. "Aramis Chan" just rolls off my tongue easily. Also bonus points for originality.

    2) Edgar. I guess this is one way to get "gar" into the name.

  3. 1) Aramis - Need I remind everyone that Ulysses already won over D'Artagnan. We can't have Odysseus. That would be odd, no pun intended. At least we have one musketeer in the running.

    2) Edgar - This is mainly a vote against Sulemon. Although Edgar Allan Poe is a famous Edgar, I'm also impressed with Edgar Degas, a French painter known as one of the founders of impressionism. I saw several of his paintings including "The Ballet Class" at the Musee D'Orsay.

  4. hahahhahah love the commentary! :)



    (btw, g-g-g-linda is on regis and kelly right now... she's guest hosting. yes i am at home, not at work. :))

  5. Just to be different...


    2)EDGAR...only cuz i heart edgar martinez! :)

  6. Steve votes for Aramis.
    I vote for Edgar.