Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gideon's Imagination

Lil G has become quite the imaginative young man... here's a video of him pretending to be a cook, making "pancakes and sausages" for his friends, the Transformers:

Feeding the Transformers from Gar on Vimeo.

Eating play-doh is the right of all sentient beings.


Monday, February 11, 2013

More weekly pictures!

Week 21

Thanks Auntie Ginger for the awesome outfit!


Week 22

Return of the monchichis!


Week 23

What a smile!


Week 24

I love my uncle Dust!


Week 25

Gideon wanted to be in the picture too!


Week 26

Wearing a Tea collection dress!


Week 27

Thank you Auntie Maria and Uncle Raymond for another awesome outfit!


Week 28

Deer in headlights look!


More weekly pictures!

Week 11

"Go Giants!"


Week 12

More crazy hair!


Week 13

Funny expression again!


Week 14

Cute ladybug outfit for Halloween!


Week 15

Another outfit that Gideon wore. I can't believe how alike they look.


Week 16

I love her expression in this picture. I bought her this onesie for Garrett. It says, "Rad like Dad."


Week 17

Thank you Auntie Maria and Uncle Raymond for the awesome Ralph Lauren outfit!


Week 18

Looking grown up in a dress


Week 19

Linus onesie that Gideon wore when he was little. 


Week 20


Peanut-free household


When Gideon turned two years old, we started introducing Gideon to different nuts. We soon found that he loved the most expensive nuts, cashews and pine nuts. I think he takes after his mother. 

We decided to introduce peanut slowly. First we gave Gideon peanut butter on toast and noticed that he got a red mark on his cheek. We waited several weeks and tried again. Gideon got a red mark on his cheek again. Then we tried crush peanuts with raisins, like a trail mix. He started to cough a lot after eating the peanuts and raisins. The pieces were very small so we thought they just tickled his throat.

We waited a few weeks again before introducing peanut butter puff cereal. Within minutes, Gideon had itchy and puffy eyes. We stopped the cereal and gave him benadryl. I was worried about the reaction. The benadryl helped and Gideon was not fussy. He was hungry and wanted more food since I took his cereal away.  We took him to daycare and I called the doctor's office about next steps. Our pediatrician responded right away and referred us to see an allergist. On January 4th, the allergist pricked Gideon's back with a small amount of peanut. Within seconds, a hive appeared and quickly increased in size in the 20 minutes.

We have become proud owners of epi-pens. We are a peanut-free household. We read every label before purchasing items in grocery stores. We love our son. We are learning as we go along and I am glad that I had learned about this in my preschool teacher days, learning about how to use an epi-pen and how to read labels.

So now, if Garrett and I want peanut items, we eat them at work. =)


We're back!

Since it was the lunar new year yesterday and due to Jaime's persistent emails, I have returned to the blogging world. I probably will not be writing weekly posts but I am determined to post twice a month at least. The first of many posts will be Seona's weekly photos.

We have been taking them each Sunday morning before we go to church. They have been on the memory card for a while and we tried to make a new habit of uploading often because of the stolen camera incident. It is probably the reason why the lack of updates. I now have to explain how sleep deprivation caused us to leave the camera in the car overnight. With the stolen camera, the hospital pictures and week 4 and 5 pictures of Seona went with it. Garrett and I mourned over the loss of the pictures and we even posted a sign asking for the return of the memory card. Every day we would look on our front steps or the mail box for the card but we found nothing. So lesson learned, upload pictures right away after taking them. =)

Week 6


Week 7


Week 8


Week 9


Week 10