Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week 55

I like counting in weeks. =) I guess I can call this post: 1 year and 3 weeks. I cannot believe how big Gideon is getting. He is also becoming more adventurous and curious about his surroundings. He no longer stays in a specified area and gets into our things. Garrett endearingly calls Gideon, Captain Destructo. Here are a couple of examples.

There is a bookshelf next to Gideon's crib. He is able to reach over and grab what is on the right side of the bookshelf. This is what I found after a nap. Gideon holding his saline solution and nasal aspirator on the mattress.


Garrett went to PAX and brought me back a paper crown. Guess who ripped it? It was not Garrett or me. =)


The birthday cupcake balloon has been slowly deflating over the past few weeks since his birthday. It hovers the ground more often than the ceiling now. This is what Gideon decided to do to it with his mouth.



He tore it open and pulled out a piece of balloon from his mouth. Barbarian!

It was super hot this past week and weekend. So we dressed him in his cut off shirt and basketball shorts that look like capris. Enjoy his weekly picture!



Friday, August 26, 2011

Like father like son

Garrett fell asleep while I was watching netflix. His sleeping reminded me of someone.

sleeping garrett

Aug 10
(cell phone camera)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

California Adventure

Our first california adventure was Gideon's second salon haircut. My cousin, Betty, a fantastic hair stylist in San Francisco, was kind enough to cut Gideon's hair. It was the best time for us but maybe not the best time for Gideon, aka too close to his nap time. Betty did an amazing job layering his hair for maximum cool relief. It's growing out very nicely and it's not too long just yet for his next haircut.



The next adventure was going to a swimming pool for the first time. I wanted to make sure that Gideon went to an outdoor pool and not an indoor pool for his first time. He liked the water and he was very interested in the kids nearby. He splashed the water towards the end.



The next adventure was family photo times. There were many of them. Our first fun picture was matching T-shirts from Auntie Jaime.


Grandma Wong, Gideon and Shiv


Shiv, Gideon and Grandpa Wong


Wong Siblings and Gideon

siblings with Gideon

To be continued...

Week 53 and 54

Tonight I will update the blog with the weekly post and also the California adventure post. Gideon's asleep and I am ready with my cup of tea.

We went to a Mariner's game last Friday. It was Asian Pacific American Heritage Night. We got free baseball caps and a free T-shirt. Thank you to Gideon who has an early bedtime. We had to arrive at the park before his early dinner. Even though we only had two tickets, Gideon somehow received a T-shirt too. He will have to grow into it. Garrett thinks Gideon got a T-shirt because he flashed his awesome smile. We didn't have a family photo but we got father/son and mother/son pictures.


Mother Son T-shirt

Thank you to Auntie Jaime for his Week 53 outfit. I think Gideon's hair almost matches the shirt.

Week 53

Thank you to Auntie Valene and Uncle Dustin for his Week 54 outfit. Gideon is definitely Mr. Funny. He laughs and laughs about everything. We are so grateful for a happy child.

Week 54

Week 54

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Birthday Boy

We had a great time celebrating Gideon's first birthday. Many family and friends came to Grandma Chan's house. We feel truly blessed by everyone who has been a part of Gideon's life. We could not have made it this year without all of you. Thank you!

Birthday boy


Happy birthday Gideon!