Wednesday, May 16, 2012

3 Amalia vs. 6 Georgiana; 3 Shoshanna vs. 6 Shiomi

Last week's results are in: Amelia beats Lavinia 9-4; Seona dominated Salvadora 14-0.

This week's match-ups:  3 Amalia (ah-mah-lee-a) vs. 6 Georgiana from the "Pop Culture" region, and 3 Shoshanna (sho-SHAH-nah) vs. 6 Shiomi (she-oh-mee) from the "S-Names" region.

Shiv: In our pop culture region, I chose Georgiana from my favorite BBC series, Pride and Prejudice. She has a unique name. It reminds me of Maplewood apartment days and my apartment name was "Georgia." I like the name Shoshanna because it has double use of the "sh" digraph. I just realized that most of the names in our bracket are multi-syllabic. Hmm... what does that say about us?

Gar: I think we chose multi-syllabic names because when your last name is "CHAN" (a single syllable like most Chinese family names), it just sounds better.  While Georgiana has more syllables than Amalia, I dislike it because I just associate it with the mens' name 'George' (farmer).  It's like when somebody makes up a name from an already existing name... like JERMAJESTY.  Amalia has a beautiful meaning, it comes from Hebrew for "Work of the Lord."  Plus, it's a reference to Amalia Rodrigues, the famous Portugese singer with a beautiful voice (I learned about her from NPR).  As Shoshanna vs Shiomi, I'll go for the upset... Shiomi!  In Japanese, when it is written with certain characters, it means "beautiful tide."

Shiv:  Amalia is too close to Amelia that is already in the next round. Georgiana is a talented piano player in Pride and Prejudice. What Asian parent would not want their child to be an amazing musician? As for Jermajesty, you just used that name because it was in the most outrageous celebrity names in Parent magazine. I don't think Georgiana would fall into the same category as Kal-El, Bear Blu or Pilot Inspektor. If you want to follow in Jermaine Jackson's naming skills, you should have insisted on calling baby girl Chan, Garretta!

Gar: Oooh, what a low blow.  First, Kal-El is a comic book reference and an awesome name.  Second, if I ever become crazy enough to name one of my kids after me, the names would be: GARSON (boy) or GARSONA (girl). And sure, maybe Georgiana was a talented piano player in Pride and Prejudice, but she almost eloped with the evil Mr. Wickham... when she was 15!  I don't want my daughter running off with any bad men, especially as a teenager.  I'll send her to the Shaolin Monastery or the Holy Monastery of St. Stephen of Meteora before that happens.

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Here's a link to Baby Girl Chan's Name Bracket.


  1. I think Amalia is too close to Amelia, and no one will know how to say her name correctly. However, I like the meaning of Amalia. I choose Amalia...even better if it is spelled phonetically like Ahmuhleea. haha. Also, I pick Shoshanna. It's pretty.

    Garson.. doesn't that mean waiter in French? Garconne??

  2. Georgiana just sounds better. I might be prejudiced, but I like Shiomi. By the way thanks for the new name idea, I like it.


  3. Amalia and Shiomi ... but I would pick Amelia over Amalia merely because of the way it is pronounced.

  4. I'm surprised that Garrett didn't go for Georgiana. It continues the succession of "G" names: Garland, Gloria, Garrett, Ginger, & Gideon. I'm going for Georgiana because I don't care for Amalia. Amalia does't roll off the tongue like Amelia does.

    For similar reasons I'm going with Shiomi. The "Shi" mimics the first syllable of Siobhan's name. So it connects the daughter with the mom. I also like how Shiomi sounds.


  5. Amalia and Shiomi! Although, as I mentioned at lunch today, Shoshanna would be a lovely approximation of SHANNON!

  6. Wow! So quick! Glad I got my last vote in before the match was over! Ok so for this match-up, I have to go with Amalia (love the meaning) and Shiomi (cute name and love the Japanese sound to it).

  7. This round I only like Shiomi, sounds pretty, looks pretty and means pretty. Georgiana and Shosshana both sound and look too long and I agree that Amalia is just too much like Amelia.

  8. amalia. if i take 'ama' ... in spanish it's he/she loves, right? kinda like j'aime in french means 'i like.... or i love...' ;)

    shiomi. :)

  9. Amalia - I knew a beautiful girl by this name who went by Mali ("molly"). I think it sounds great with Chan..rolls off the tongue well. I think the soft G sound that begins Georgiana almost sounds like alliteration with the Ch sound of Chan (which I oddly don't feel with the "Sh" and "Ch" combo...), and I'm not a huge fan of alliteration in names.

    Shiomi - Though I enjoy the character Shoshanna from Girls on HBO, I think Shiomi sounds really nice with Chan and is easier to say next to "Gideon".