Sunday, May 6, 2012

21 months!

 Happy cinco de mayo! It was also Gideon's 21st month birthday! I cannot believe how fast he has grown up and he is only three months away from being two. Gideon is playing with his magnetic letters more and more. He tries to say the letters and make words with the letters. He puts them in a row and says the word in his language. He loves playing with magnetic letters at friends' houses too.  His current favorite book is Green Eggs and Ham. He loves to respond to the questions like Would you eat them with a mouse? Gideon would say "No!" It is the new bedtime story favorite.

Gideon went to a friend's first birthday party. Happy Birthday Mercy! There was a bouncy house. Gideon loved going inside. At first, I thought he would be scared. Yes, pregnant mom took Gideon inside the bouncy house. After a few minutes, I realized that Garrett should be inside instead. I took Gideon out and he was screaming and crying to go back inside. Woohoo for cell phones! I called Garrett who was inside the house to come outside. Here is Gideon inside the bouncy house.


There was so much traffic coming home that we decided to make a pit stop at Matsu Sushi. Gideon is looking at the menu with Garrett.


Weekly picture: Gideon knows now that when the camera comes out he has to say "cheese." He usually stops the cute thing that he is doing in order to look at the camera. Oh no!


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