Monday, May 28, 2012

1 Aiona vs. 8 Gasia; 1 Elisheva vs. 8 Elise

Last week's results are in: Cecilia beats Aria 7-4; Soledad wins over Sahara 4-2.

This week's match-ups:  1 Aiona vs. 8 Gasia from the "International" region, and 1 Elisheva vs. 8 Elise from the "Biblical names" region.

Pronunciation guide:  Aiona (Eye-oh-nah), Gasia (Gahz-ee-ah), Elisheva (eh-LEE-sheh-va), Elise (Eh-liz).

This week, we have some special guest commentators:  Grandpa & Grandma Wong!

Gar:  Though I'm a little bummed that Aria got upset last week, I'm a big fan of Aiona!  Aiona is phonetic spelling of the Irish girl's name "Iona", which means "blessed."  It's also a name for an island between Ireland and Scotland.  I like G-names of course, but I think "Aiona" just has a nicer sound to it.  For the "Biblical" names region, Elisheva is alternate spelling to Elisheba, a Hebrew name which is the root of the popular girl's name "Elizabeth."  It has the awesome meaning of "God is my oath."  Elise is a French girl's name that has the same meaning and owes the root of its origin to Elisheva... so in this case, I'll go with the original, Elisheva.

Shiv: When we were brainstorming names for the bracket, I was looking for a "G-name" that was unique and different. While watching morning news in California, I saw this name, Gasia Mikaelian. I think it was a moment where I liked the name for it's uniqueness. As for the other match up, I would agree with you about going with the original. Plus, Elise is a more common name that I have heard in the store or in the classroom.

Grandpa & Grandma Wong: I like Elisheva because it has the sound of Siobhan in the name. I don't like Elise because it reminds me of the not-so-great contestant on American Idol. Baby Girl Chan might be nicknamed like her mom with Shiv. I don't like Gasia because it has a similar sound to gas and she might be called gassy. Aiona has an Irish connection and the sound is nice too. I would not know what to nickname her. I guess she will always be just Aiona or maybe Ai. There is no danger of it being butchered when people pronounce it.

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Here's a link to Baby Girl Chan's Name Bracket.

EDIT:  Voting is now closed!


  1. Aiona and Elise are my votes for this wk! :) although if she's named Elise or Elisheva she might go by Ellie, and then there'd be Two Ellie's in our family. :P

  2. Thanks for the pronunciation guide! I thought Gasia was pronounced "GEI-sha" and Elisheva was pronounced "el-ee-SHE-va." I like the meaning of all of them...but I think I'd have to go with Aiona and Elise. Lots of good names you guys have here!


  4. The names are ver strange to me but I am sure they are all good names. I will choose aiona and ellise.

  5. Aiona and Elisheva. Sometimes #1 seeds are #1 seeds for obvious reasons. :)

  6. I'm making an appearance for the baby naming fun.

    Aiona and Elise. Gasia means your child will be called Gas all the time. aiya!!

  7. I'm with Mags. No Gasia. If you need more suggestions, we're full of them around here! :)

  8. Aiona is pretty and everytime I read Gasia I think "gaseous" which makes me think of "nauseous". And I'm kind of undecided about Elisheva and Elise... but your parents are right I do like this "shiv" sounding part so my vote is for Elisheva.