Sunday, May 13, 2012

21 months and 1 week

Gideon loves stickers. Thank you to Uncle Dustin, he believes that all stickers belong on your face. He would take a sticker and put it on my cheek. Then he would take the sticker off my cheek and put it onto his cheek. He doesn't know about putting stickers on his clothes or other body parts yet. I placed those stickers on his shirt since I didn't want to wear them anymore. I took Gideon with me to get the tires inspected at Discount Tire. The employee said, "Don't worry about showing me the car. You can take care of your sticker boy!" Guess what was on Gideon's face? =)


I have a book that I brought here from my childhood home. It's an ABC book that was published during my elementary school years. Gideon loves reading the book. When we get to "L" is for lion, he always roars.


Garrett took some pictures of Gideon while he was eating. They are awesome. I love Gideon's facial expressions. He is becoming more of a toddler: expressing his needs through words/babble and playing with toys for longer periods of time.



Thank you to Auntie Maria for my awesome Ralph Lauren white khakis!



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