Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Introducing the name bracket!

After a long winter of National Boards and Report cards, the Chan family is ready to unveil the name bracket for Baby Girl Chan. We started this tradition when Gideon was still in the womb. We had some girl names in mind, but we did not have any boy names. We thought it would be fun to create a bracket and include our family and friends. With 64 names and Gideon's early arrival, we did not finish the bracket in time. We decided to make a smaller bracket and start a little earlier.

To remind our readers, here are the parameters of the baby girl name bracket: Garrett and I will make a post discussing four names that are in a "game." Then the readers can have a chance to vote for a winner from each game. The tournament ends when we reach the Elite Eight. Then it will be up to the parents, aka Garrett and I, to make the final decisions. =)

We made four "regions" of names: Pop Culture, International, S-names and Biblical. We brainstormed the names in one large list before deciding on the regions. We wanted a variety of names to choose from that were unique and different. Dividing the names into the regions was not easy since some of the names could be placed in more than one region. We had to shift the names to make groups of eight. The Biblical names were difficult to find since we wanted a name that was not common. The International names were the easiest to find since we like languages. The S-names region was also difficult to fill since some of the S-names did not sound right with Gideon or with my name. The Pop culture region was the most fun to create. It was supposed to be the "potpourri" region, but we didn't like how that sounded. So we looked at the names from another angle. Can you guess where each name comes from?

As we unveil the name bracket, it makes it more real that she is coming very soon. We want to be prepared with a few names at the hospital. We would like to name her as she is in our arms. We hope to finish most of the bracket by then, but we will see. Happy voting!

CLICK HERE to download Baby Girl Chan's Name Bracket as a spreadsheet
(thanks Dad!)


 For those people who haven't seen all the names:

1 Mira
2 Aria
3 Amalia
4 Amelia
5 Lavinia
6 Georgiana
7 Cecilia
8 Topanga

1 Saoirse
2 Sahara
3 Shoshanna
4 Salvadora
5 Seona
6 Shiomi
7 Soledad
8 Sabrina

1 Aiona
2 Mirai
3 Adela
4 Misora
5 Marisola
6 Estrella
7 Soluna
8 Gasia

1 Elisheva
2 Selah
3 Seraphina
4 Estera
5 Shiloh
6 Samantha
7 Celeste
8 Elise


  1. aww, no savannah? thought it would have gone well in the S category!

  2. What about Guiliana! :)

  3. Links have been updated again... apparently, no one could view the other bracket. Dad made one in Excel and that's up for download... I also took a screenshot and it's available as a simple picture.