Sunday, May 20, 2012

21 months and 2 weeks

Gideon had a great week playing and talking. He is trying his best to communicate with us with words. He loves his magnetic letters more and more. We can leave him playing with all of them for at least five minutes without our attention. We got new animal magnets (Thank you Auntie Ginger!). Gideon would put all the letters away in a yogurt container so that he would have more room on the refrigerator. =) He is making more letter sounds when he moves the letter, like "hah, hah, hah" for H.

Gideon gave me his first handmade Mother's day present. (Thank you Patty!) He made it at daycare. It's so beautiful. I can't stop looking at it.


With the good weather, Gideon would play on the deck while Garrett would do the yard work. We would play with water and sidewalk chalk. Here is Gideon's masterpiece. He would also crawl around to get the best angle for his drawings. We took the chalk inside for safekeeping, but Gideon found it. We heard him scratching something on the floor next to the fridge. Yes, Gideon was using the chalk on our kitchen floors. I guess it makes sense to a toddler that if you could do it outside you could do it inside too!



Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Wong for Gideon's amazing New Zealand T-shirt! He is giving his fake smile!


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  1. Cute. And if u can draw on the walls with crayons you can draw on the walls everywhere! ;)