Sunday, April 29, 2012

20 months and 3 weeks

Gideon is growing too fast. He loves to imitate sounds and play with the magnetic letters on the refrigerator. He loves meeting new people. We went to a girl's birthday party last weekend. I had to wake him up from his nap so that we could arrive in a timely manner. He was not happy when I woke him up. He was still grouchy when we arrived since he was still waking up. It wasn't until the host brought out all the "boy" toys that made sounds that Gideon felt social. In addition to being groggy when we arrived, he also has been super congested due to new teeth coming in and only eating dairy products for a few days. So he was coughing in the car from the phlegm in his throat that he threw up in the car seat. He had to borrow a pair of pants from the birthday girl.

This is Gideon with the birthday girl waiting for more guests at the front door.


Gideon's weekly photo. He is wanting to be more independent and in control of his choices. This was the best picture since he was so wiggly.


Gideon doesn't like anything sticky or messy on his hands/fingers. He shows me what he wants to be removed with a whining sound. You can add the audio from his facial expression. =)


This is a cute video of Gideon dancing and trying to do the worm.

This is a cute Father-son moment, Gideon feeding Garrett and Garrett feeding Gideon.

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