Tuesday, July 6, 2010

3 Ernest vs 14 Sebastian; 3 Enzo vs 14 Magnus

Hello again, friends! Have you been keeping up and crossing off names on the bracket?

We have been trying to keep up while we were away in California visiting family and friends. I guess with all the eating and hanging out, we didn't get to as many names as we would have liked. Now that we are back, we are ready to make a comeback, maybe every other day posting. =)

The results of the last post: Elijah beats Titus 8-2 and Cameron edges out Graham 6-4.

Now onto the next match ups:

From the HISTORICAL region: 3 Ernest vs 14 Sebastian
From the INTERNATIONAL region: 3 Enzo vs 14 Magnus

Gar: An interesting round! My first pick is Ernest. Ernest is a name from old German, that means "serious; battle to the death". It's also the name of one of my favorite writers, Ernest Hemingway. Also another famous Ernest was Ernesto "Che" Guevara, the famous Latin American revolutionary. In the other match-up, I'll be picking Enzo (a form of Henry) over Magnus because Magnus sounds too much like... Agnus (girl's name).

Siobhan: I can agree with you about Ernest because Hemingway was an amazing writer, but who doesn't love Sebastian from "A Little Mermaid." He is the right-hand man to King Triton and composer of wonderful music. As for the other match-up, Enzo is a cool name, but Magnus has such potential for awesome nicknames and stage names if he decides to become famous. Magnificent Magnus... Magnus the Great... Magnus the Magician... Can't you just see it in lights? Can't you hear the wind, string, drums, and words? =)

Gar: Well, I guess there's also "Ultra Magnus", Optimus Prime's 2nd in command, but he didn't, ummm, end up so well. And you want to name our son after a CRAB?! A better reason would be that Sebastian is the patron saint of soldiers. Also, there was a great player for the USL Sounders, a striker named Sebastian LeToux. Nope, my vote is for Ernest!

Shiv: Let's also look at the life span of these two: Ernest ended his life sooner than the natural course and Sebastian had to run away from the crazy chef to stay alive. I believe that Sebastian the crab had a stronger survival sense in his need to run away from all those knives. So I guess you are agreeing with me about Magnus... Hmmm... it will be an interesting match up in the International bracket. Happy voting!

Gar: *groan*

EDIT: Voting is now closed. Thanks for voting!



  1. Sebastian sounds like a girls' name which is fine - for a girl. When I picture a Magnus, it's a crazy German guy. The E's sweep! Ernest and Enzo.

    3 Ernest vs 14 Sebastian; 3 Enzo vs 14 Magnus

  2. 1) Sebastian- When I see the name Sebastian, I think of Johann Sebastian Bach. How awesome is he?

    2) Enzo- Magnus seems a bit too lofty sounding.

  3. Sebastian - also the alias I use when reserving tables at restaurants.

    Enzo - because it's a lot like Ezio and I expect your boy to be an assassin.

  4. Ernest (Earnest) is defined as "resulting from or showing sincere and intense conviction" I'm not so sure about names that double as words- would it put expectations on the child to become the word?

    I second Hillary's vote- Sebastian

    And I like Enzo because its short, and the "z" sound gives it a nice zesty kick!

  5. 1) Ernest - The last time we were in Paris, we had the most expensive cocktails at the Bar Hemingway at the Ritz recognized as the best bar in the world. The bar was named after Ernest Hemingway, of course, who hanged out here when he lived in Paris. Bar Hemingway has to be seen to be believed. It's a small room with original photographs recording places that inspired the author. It's an appropriate shrine to one of America's greatest writers.

    2) Enzo - I almost went for Magnus because of Magneto also known as Magnus from the X-Men comics. Even though he was considered a villain, I felt he was misunderstood and was really a champion against the evils of bigotry and racism. I voted for Enzo because it's Italian and because of Enzo Ferrari who made Italian race cars. His disdain of his customers who bought his cars for the prestige of the name rather than for the car's performance is legendary.

    So it looks like I voted for all the "E" names. Is that a coincidence?

  6. I am going to vote against my hubby....Sebastian (love little Mermaid) and Magnus.

  7. Sebass. This name also reminds me of the trucker in Dumb and Dumber, but Little Mermaid is a pretty good one too.

    Enzo. I had a penpal in elementary school named Magnus. He was from Sweden. He stopped writing me. Or did I stop? Meh.

  8. Sebastian. I associate Ernest with Earnest goes to Camp and the now-defunct hardware store, Ernst.


  9. sebastian sounds a lot more *dreamy.*

    I like enzo better too.

  10. 1) Sebastian. Just don't like the phonetics of Ernest.

    2) Magnus. I think of World's Strongest Man, two champions were named Magnus, one of which was a four time winner.

  11. sebastian & enzo!