Sunday, April 8, 2012

20 months

Gideon is 20 months old, only four more months until his second birthday. Oh my! We spent our spring break in California, visiting family and friends. Gideon had an amazing time. He loved playing with all the little kids and family. He stayed up way past his bedtime because of all the great company. I think if he was staying up with just Gar and I, he would have melted down pretty quickly. Unfortunately, he was still waking up around the same time as if he went to bed early.

Easter Egg hunt: Gideon had his first egg hunt thanks to Grandma Wong. He did not know what to do with the eggs at first. He usually opens them and finds nothing inside. This time he would find pretzel goldfish and toys. He got it at the end of the egg hunt, 5 eggs. =)


20 months

20 months

"Stop taking pictures of me" look


Back at home, Gideon has found a new love: outdoor play. In California, he would be outside every morning watching the leaves blow by or playing at the nearby park. Now that he is back in Washington, he wants to continue outdoor play. Thank goodness it was 64 and sunny. We played with water toys and got all wet. So we had an indoor break, eating papaya and playing with the bead toy. Gideon tried very hard to get the beads to move. He would get frustrated, but he would continue on. I hope that means he will be persevere even when things are tough or he is just that stubborn.


Baby girl name bracket is on its way. Garrett and I have the 32 names. Now I just need to find the time to put it together. I cannot give myself a firm deadline since report cards are due this week. Take care everybody! We miss you all in California and we will return soon with baby girl Chan!

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  1. classic seattlite. 64 is warm? that's too cold for me to play outside. ahah.