Tuesday, April 24, 2012

20 months and 2 weeks

Gideon has been active this week. He loves to play with all the toys and walk around the house. He has been learning more about letter sounds and tries to have conversations with us rather than signing his needs. He is saying "wa, wa" for water. He says "mik" for milk. He totally knows the word, ball. He says it all the time even when it's not a ball. I am taking an apple out of the fridge, "ball." I am putting away mangoes from the grocery bag, "ball." He is making connections to the spherical word.

P1100194 P1100192
Gideon is super snotty. I think he is getting new molars. Also, he loves dairy products which cause more boogers. I think his weekly picture, you can see a glow under his nose. =)

 20 months and 2 weeks 20 months and 2 weeks 20 months and 2 weeks

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