Thursday, March 29, 2012

19 months and 3 weeks

Here are some pictures from last week. Yes, I am behind and I hope to one day not be late at blogging. Gideon has enjoyed running around the house and playing. He likes to take off his left shoe and sock, picture below.

19 months and 2 weeks




I love this drawing of our hands. Gideon finally lets us trace his hand without squirming. He is also an artist. He likes to draw on large sheets of white paper on the floor and on the doors, aka easel.


19 months and 3 weeks (it's the best picture)

19 months and 3 weeks

There will be a video to post about what he was doing instead of sitting still next to the lion.

Last week and this week have marked his developmental stage of separation anxiety. I try to give him opportunities of experiencing being by himself for a short while and then I return. He is just super clingy these days. I hope he grows out of it soon. My pregnant body is getting bigger and less able to carry Gideon.

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