Sunday, May 30, 2010

2 Hector vs 15 Cyprus; 2 Ignacio vs 15 Ichiro

Well the results are in from the last match-up: Gideon won 12-1, and August just barely won, 7-5.

This week's match-ups are:

From the "HISTORICAL/LITERARY" region, number 2 seed Hector faces number 15 seed Cyprus, and in the "INTERNATIONAL" region, number 2 seed Ignacio faces number 15 seed Ichiro.

Siobhan: Hector is a strong name for a boy, but what nickname would come from it? Hec... tor.... I think that Cyprus is a great contender because of the nickname, "Cy." I am looking for a possible upset in this region. As for the international region, Ichiro has positive recognition in Washington State and the nation. I hope that our son wouldn't have to explain how to say his name to a teacher, but it just seems too predictable to name our son after a well-known baseball player. I haven't met anybody named Ignacio Chan. Woohoo for individuality!

Gar: I like Hector a lot, as it references the noble Trojan hero from the Iliad. He was courageous, strong, and defended his family and country. Cyprus isn't a bad name, but I associate it with trees or with Cyprus Hill (who smoke trees). Ha! Ignacio is a form of Ignatius which comes from the Latin word for "fire". Several saints have been named Ignatius, plus "fire" denotes passion and strength. Ichiro is Japanese for literally "first son", but the combination of "Ichiro Chan" will sound funny to Japanese speakers since it sounds like someone trying to use "-chan" (as opposed to "-san" or "-kun" or "-sama") isn't common for addressing grown men. Hmmm.

Siobhan: Cyprus is not a tree; it's an island in the Mediterranean Sea, where Aphrodite was claimed to have been born. Who wouldn't want to be named after the island where Aphrodite came from? It's amazing there. Our son would be proud to say that he was named after an island. Yes, Troy was a great movie, but it wasn't Hector who stole the show. It was Achilles. Plus, Hector died in the movie. He had to give up his life for the people who were not smart and brought in a large wooden horse.

Gar: You want our son associated with Aphrodite, the GODDESS OF LOVE? He's a dude! I like Cyprus Hill and all, but naming him Cyprus is setting him up for life of being "Insane in the Brain". I don't want our son to be loco. Oh, and Hector died a heroic death. The "guy who stole the show", Achilles, got himself shot in the foot. What a n00b way to die.



  1. This round of matchups rivals the "Fitzwilliam" round. My choices: Cyprus and Ignacio.

    If he was named Ichiro or Hector (even Ignacio), his whole life he'll have to explain that he's actually full chinese and that his mother is not Japanese or Latina. They will never 1st think "Oh yeah, the dude (Hector) from that Troy movie! I like that movie!" I like Ignacio because that's the name of Jack Black's character on Nacho Libre (my fav)...which is also his nickname. Nachooooooooo!

  2. I like the name Hector...cyprus sounds like it could be a girl's name. I really liked Hector in the iliad and loved that he died a hero's death.

    don't really like either choice in the ichiro/ignacio battle. I guess ichiro would be my vote but just b/c it's Japanese and he makes it somewhat exciting even when the M's season sucks.

  3. Hector is one of the great heros of all time! (And really, Siobhan, I think you need to rewatch Eric Bana in that movie...holy smokes.)
    And Grayson said, as I read this to him, "Oh, they don't know what they're having? Cyprus is a girl's name!"

    And then it's all Ignacio, all the way!

  4. Cyprus -- only because i've decided i'm voting for any "C" name now... so he can also be affectionately called "CC". :) "Cy" would be an awesome nickname too... are we predicting a future baseball player??

    i gotta go with it...


    .... go giants! :)

  5. Cyprus - I always thought that if we had boy-girl twins, we'd name them Cyprus and Juniper. Because those names are soliiiid. And, whatever, Cyprus is not a girl's name. Phonetically, it sounds like "cypress" - a strong & sturdy evergreen that grows both in Asia & North America. Besides, Cypress Hill is all sorts of manly.

    Ignacio - Because it sounds strong (and strong in character, as evidenced by the many saints with that name). And because Ichiro means "I'm awesome but I play for a perennially losing team." You just don't want Team Chan to have that kind of rep!

  6. Hector - No nickname needed with this name. Easy to say and just sounds strong. Cyprus is just a little too obscure for a first name.

    Ignacio - Ignatius would be even better! Gar made a good point in the comments, probably best to avoid Japanese names with the surname Chan.

  7. Cyprus- Definitely not a girl's name. I agree that Cy is great nickname. I know a guy named Cy and he is super talented.

    Ignacio- Gar makes a pretty interesting point about Ichiro.

  8. I choose Cyprus because I don't want my grandson to be called Hec..

    I like Ichiro. He is an awesome athlete. /Mira

  9. CYPRUS - Would Hector be pronounced "Hec-ter" or "Hec-tore"?

    IGNACIO - I really like Ichiro, but i agree with the surname chan issue.

  10. My two votes for this round:

    Cyprus - sounds majestic.

    Ignacio - Nacho Libre. Oh my.

  11. 1) Cyprus - My first impression of the name is the island in the Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus is an exotic place full of love and beauty. Hector is a mighty warrior but when he was killed, his body was tied to the back of a chariot and dragged for all to see. The last memory of Hector was his abused body.

    2) Ignacio - If Ichiro wasn't associated with the baseball player, I would have voted for Ichiro because it means "first-born son". However I think it would be too great of a burden for a boy to carry the name and to try to live up to the high expectations. Ignacio comes from the word "fire", a Chinese character which appears repeatedly in my Chinese name.


  12. dude, dad. let's not get carried away... "first born son"... be a boy. be born first. done. and done. name lived up. :) hahah j/k~ but also very compelling argument of the "fire" in your chinese name.

  13. Hector and Ignacio for the same reasons stated above. I have nothing witty to add.