Saturday, May 22, 2010

2 Gideon vs 15 Malachi; 2 August vs 15 Keagan

Well the results are in from the last match-up: Langston won 14-2, and Santiago managed a late comeback against Seamus, 8-4.

This week's match-ups are:

From the "BIBLICAL" region, number 2 seed Gideon faces number 15 seed Malachi, and in the "VANILLA" region, number 2 seed August faces number 15 seed Keagan.

Gar: The Biblical region has some great names. I like Malachi because it's the name of a prophet that hasn't been over-used. However, I'll have to go with Gideon because it's a "G" name and Gideon's story in the book of Judges is one of most interesting in the Bible: a unremarkable man of faith who was initially filled with doubt, but picked by God to free his people from oppression. Plus, having the possibility of the nickname "Deon" is fun too. For the Vanilla region, August and Keagan are both interesting names - August means "great", but Keagan means "Descendant Of The Fiery One". For sheer awesome-ness, the upset goes to Keagan.

Siobhan: I liked the movie, August Rush. I know that it is inconceivable that a young boy, a mom and dad could find each other in New York City, but it's more than that. His musicality and determination brought him through. Our boy will be the same in that sense and also he was born in August. As for the Biblical bracket, I will have to side with Gideon over Malachi. Here is the only reason that you should not vote for Malachi: the name will be shortened to "Kai." I rest my case.

Gar: Sure, the kid in August Rush may have been a musical genius, but he also spent a large majority of the movie hanging around a creepy street hustler played by an extra weird Robin Williams. I'm pretty sure I want my son to say away from creepy old guys / strangers. Would you like Malachi better if people nicknamed him "Mal" - like Captain Mal AKA Malcolm Reynolds in the sci-fi cult class TV series, Firefly?

Shiv: We are not naming our kid, Robin, nor Williams, so I am just focusing on August's character who was sweet, kind and talented. Maybe our kid will write a symphony too when he is eleven years old. Back to Malachi, people will not call him "Mal." It means bad in Spanish. Who wants their child to be called bad? Let me make it more clear: there was a kid whose name sounded like "Malachi" that was in my class. He screamed at the students, rammed his body against the locked classroom door, and grabbed female students' female parts. It's Gideon all the way!

EDIT: Voting is now closed! =)



  1. I love Gideon. One of my favorite Bible characters and it starts with a 'G.' Maybe my favorite in the whole bracket.

    I also like the name August. Almost as much as September... but that's not a choice. Oh well

  2. Gideon. :)

    August ... but only if he's born in August-- that would totally suck if he's a late baby ... gar- if the kid is going to be hanging around you a majority of his life, wouldn't you satisfy the "creepy street hustler / old guy" type ...? :) (ah, i had to, it was too easy!) and felicity is in the movie tooo! yay! :) Keagan would be cute too, i would call him "K.C".... :) ... but August can be shortened to A.C. like Slater in saved by the bell... i'm sold. August it is. :)

  3. Gideon...couldn't think of a good reason for malachi.

    August...b/c August babies are awesome! of course if he ends up coming late maybe you should have a back-up? or would you still name him August?

  4. 1) I voted for Gideon with one caveat. If the baby has Garrett for a middle name then he can be called "Gigi" for short. I voted against Malachi because it might cause some mispronunciation problems. I have heard people pronunce it as "ma-la-chee" with the accent on "la".

    2) August by a landslide. I like Agostino, the Italian form, and Agusto, the Spanish form. I can call the baby any of those names depending on my mood. I've known two Augusts. One was a strong and silent type but the nicest person you can ever want to meet. Another was more of a lively & fun-loving guy who went by the name of "Augie".

  5. 1) Gideon - I can see CC's reasoning behind being call Mal and Kai. Whether Kai is a former student or because you'd be called a kai-doi, I'm going with Gideon. I agree, Deon could be a cool nickname.

    2)Keagan - I'm going to show this name some love or like. It's just something about being named after a month in the year. Though I can see how miragene's nicknames in Agostino and Agusto would be cool.

  6. 1) Gideon- Like Miragene, I've also heard people pronounce Malachi as "ma-LA-chee". Plus, who wants a kai-doi?

    2) Keagan- Though I loved the movie "August Rush" as well, I'm not realy sold on the month name thing.

  7. I like Gideon better than Malachi. I don't like Keagan, so August it is. Also, Keagan spelled backwards is Nagaek which means something weird in some made up language.

  8. Gideon because of all the g reasons, cool nicknames and interesting history. I originally thought about August, but then it started to sound common to me. After all we do focus on that name for a month every year.

  9. I vote Gideon, because Siobhan's comment about the female-body-part-grabber is very compelling.

    I vote for Keagan. I actually saw August Rush for the first time last week. And while the movie is a lovely fairy tale, August/Evan is a bit of a bonehead. Furthermore, Augustus Gloop!

  10. 1) Gideon. Tough choice here, I like both a lot. Both tough sounding guy names that fit well with Chan. G-name tiebreaker decides this one for me.

    2) Keagan. Auggie is a no-go for me. Not a fan of the month thing, and knew an August who was a jerk.

  11. specific reason.
    August...I do like the movie.

  12. 1. GIDEON - I like Malachi, but more as a middle name type name.

    2. KEAGAN - Am I the only one that thinks August sounds more like a female name?

  13. Gideon - Because it's a powerful Biblical namesake! I only know one Gideon in real life and he is super smart and kind. And Gideon can one day say, "My name can be found in every motel room." Not many people can say that. Also, from Siobhan's story, Malachi is sounding more and more creepy.

    Keagan - I'm not sold on the name Keagan...but, I'd have to agree with Dustin that August does have a feminine flair to it.

  14. Malachi - because "Malachi Chan" sounds cooler than "Gideon Chan." I also know several Malachi's who are doctors that practice law on the side. One of them helps blind orphans learn to see on Sundays and just won a Nobel Peace prize. So... y'know.

    August - I honestly like August, but agree that it is very feminine for a male name.