Saturday, July 7, 2012

2 Mirai vs 7 Soluna; 2 Selah vs 7 Celeste

It's been a fun first round through Baby Girl Chan's name bracket... this week features the final match-up of the round! 

However, let's get a quick update of last week's results:  Adela defeats Estrella 10-7, while Seraphina crushes Samantha 15-3.  Thanks to all our fans who voted via the blog comments and Facebook!

This week's match ups are:  2 Mirai versus 7 Soluna from the "International" region, and 2 Selah versus 7 Celeste from the "Biblical" region. 

PRONUNCIATION GUIDE:  Mirai (Mee-rye), Soluna (Sol-loo-nah), Selah (Say-lah), Celeste (Suh-lesT).

Gar:  I can't believe the first round is finally over... hurray!  For the first match-up, Mirai is a Japanese girl's name that means "future" - a fitting name since Baby Girl Chan is literally our future!  Soluna is comes from the Spanish words for "sun" (Sol) and "moon" (Luna).  Selah comes from Hebrew and appears frequently in the book of Psalms, where its true meaning is somewhat mysterious, but many think it means "pause and reflect".  Celeste comes from Latin and means "heavenly".  I like both names, but I'll give the edge to the names Mirai and Selah. 

Shiv: I can't believe it either. I liked Soluna but then I remembered they were a girl group with the one hit wonder, "For All Time." I don't know if I would like our baby girl to have a name that is linked to this group with a cheesy song with the cheesy line: "Baby you know it ain't no lie, I'm gonna be with you til the day I die." So yeah, Mirai! I think we are on similar wave lengths for this round. Just like how Soluna reminded me of the above song, Selah reminded me about the song, "Bless the Broken Road," on Dawson's Creek Season 1 finale. It was the background song to the scene of Joey wandering around Capeside and Dawson trying to find her.

Soluna -"For All Time"

Gar: Did Dawson ever find Joey?  Because I bet Tom Cruise would like some tips on how to find her!  (ZING! Heh heh heh).  You're right, Soluna would be a great name only IF that cheesy pop group wasn't around.  Calling someone your "sun & moon" is a very poetic way of saying they're the most important thing in your life.  It reminds of Game of Thrones, how Khal Drogo and Daenerys refer to each other as "sun & stars".  So, why not Celeste? 

Shiv:  Game of Thrones reference, eh? I guess I did bring up Dawson's Creek. Celeste is close to the word celestial, meaning heavenly. I would classify the name as uncommon, common name. Not that many people have the name but it sounds common, not unique or different in any way. I was looking for famous Celeste that have come into the entertainment world. (Pop culture references are important to acknowledge before giving baby girl a name.) Not much came up and that can be a good or bad thing.

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  1. I'm more attached to Japanese name so my vote is Mirai.

    Celeste reminds me of Final Fantasy II (JPN IV) I'm a nerd so I'm going with that. Also this is one of my favorite FF games. So awesome names :D

  2. My votes are Mirai and Celeste.

    Side note: I'm going thru Psalms right now and on my bible app when it's read aloud to me Selah is pronounced as "See-lah" which I thought was interesting.

  3. Soluna, we have a Celeste in our church.
    Just a thought on Selah, say-lah sounds like die in Cantonese, see-lah in Mandarin..............

  4. I think that our granddaughter should have some Chinese meaning in her name. Soluna which is a combination of sun and moon can be the equivalent to the yin and yang concept in Chinese philosophy. Everything in nature is a balance of both qualities. So I'm going for Soluna.

    Selah is a mysterious term found in several Psalms. No one is certain what purpose the word serves. I'm going for Celeste. I like that it means heavenly.