Sunday, July 1, 2012

3 Adela vs 6 Estrella; 3 Seraphina vs 6 Samantha

Baby Girl Chan's name bracket marches on!  We're almost done with the first round... hurray!

The results from last week's voting:  Marisola edges out Misora 6-5; Estera and Shiloh tied 6-6.  (Votes are counted by on the blog, and via Facebook comments)  Using the ultra scientific method of the coin toss, Shiv called tails for Shiloh... Shiloh wins!

This week's match-ups: 3 Adela versus 6 Estrella from the "International" region, and 3 Seraphina versus 6 Samantha from the "Biblical" region.

PRONUNCIATION GUIDE:    Adela (Ah-DELL-ah), Estrella (Eh-STRAY-ah), Seraphina (Sair-ah-feen-ah), Samantha (Sah-man-thah).

Shiv: Now onto the next round, Adela versus Estrella. Well, Estrella means "star" in Spanish. It is a beautiful name. Adela is a variation of the name that I like, Adele. She is an amazing singer and songwriter. We do like her music but this year, a certain student kept singing the song, "Rolling in the Deep." So after liking the name for so long, I will have to go with Estrella. Seraphina means "ardent and fiery." Oooo.. I like those adjectives for our baby girl. She is a Dragon baby, so it would be fitting for her to be fiery!

Gar: Well, even if your certain student kept singing music by Adele, it doesn't mean Adela is a bad name!  It means "noble" and I think it would be a great name, though hmmm... one of Gideon's cousins already has "Adele" as a middle name.  Estrella might have to get my vote.  Seraphina makes me think of the seraphim, the 6-winged angels who were supposedly the most honored and most holy of God's angels.  Samantha is a more common name, the female version of Samuel, but it also has a good meaning too - it comes from Hebrew and it means "God heard".  But it also makes me think of those American Girl dolls...

Shiv: I don't think that Adela is a bad name but I will always remember this specific student just by associating the name with the singer. Estrella Acosta is a well-known jazz singer. Maybe baby girl Chan will have musical talents. Gar just referenced Samantha as to the American Girl doll. Oh, our daughter can get a doll and go to the American Girl store to get a makeover and have tea. Wouldn't that be fun, Gar? You can take her and have father-daughter bonding time. I can hear him now. =) Seraphina is an unusual name that could be shortened to Sera. Serephina Chan; it has a nice ring to it!

Gar: Seraphina Chan does have a nice ring to it.  And I will (reluctantly) take Baby Girl Chan to the American Girl store to get a makeover and have tea, if that's what she really wants even though the American Girl has only 2 Asian American girl dolls (Ivy Ling and Jess Akiko McConnell, I did my research) and neither is a "main character" doll (Boooooo).  Plus, those dolls and all their accessories are crazy expensive!  But yeah, Baby Girl Chan and I will hopefully have lots of good father-daughter bonding times over tea, delicious food, shooting guns, martial arts lessons, etc.  Heh heh.

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EDIT:  Voting is now closed!


  1. Adela & Seraphina... I happen to know an Adela and she's an incredibly noble person.. and it's unique and not too uncommon... and Seraphina is just a gorgeous name.

  2. Adela & Seraphina are my votes!

  3. I hear Adele's songs playing on the radio all the time. I think I prefer our granddaughter to be a star like the previous entry of Estera. So I'm going with Estrella.

    Seraphina is also a form of seraphim the fiery angels. Samantha is too common. Seraphina Chan for me also.

    Grandpa Wong

  4. I don't know....although Samantha is very common, I always have a spot for that name...
    I don't have any prefrence on Adela or Estrella. But I will choose Adela because we can call her AC.

  5. I like Adela, Seraphina or Samantha. Seraphina Chan does have a nice ring to it. I'm not too keen on Estrella 'cause of pt we see at work.

    sorry about associations.

  6. Estrella because cc used to sign her name with a star for her 's'

    Seraphina... But I'd pay to see Gar take baby girl Chan to the American girls store... ;)