Sunday, June 24, 2012

4 Misora vs 5 Marisola; 4 Estera vs 5 Shiloh

Sorry friends for the long delay in a new name blog post!  Blame end of the school year craziness.

Results from last post:  Aiona routs Gasia 12-0; Elise beats Elisheva 11-0.

This week's match-ups: 4 Misora vs 5 Marisola from the "International" region, and 4 Estera vs 5 Shiloh from the "Biblical" region.

PRONOUNCIATION GUIDE:  Misora (Mee-soh-rah), Marisola (Mah-ree-soh-lah), Estera (Ess-teh-rah), Shiloh (Shy-loh).

Gar:  WE'RE BACK!  The International region has a good match-up.  Misora (Mizora) is a Japanese name that can be written with the characters for "beautiful" (Mi) and "sky" (sora/zora).  So the literal meaning is "beautiful sky", one of my favorite things from nature.  Marisola is a Spanish name that comes from "the sea" (Mari) and "the sun" (sola).  So the literal meaning is another nature reference, "the sea & the sun."  Growing up Seattle, you have to appreciate the sea (it's always there) and the sun (you love it when you can actually see it).  It's hard to pick, but I'll give the edge to Misora for the uniqueness of the name.     

Shiv: So many choices and so little time. Shiloh means "His gift" or "peace." I like the name for the meaning and how it sounds. Unfortunately, Brangelina has already taken this great name. Estera is a form of Esther. I like the story of Esther and how she was able to be courageous and brave. That is what I would hope for our daughter. I will pick Estera over Shiloh. As for the international region, I like the name Marisola. When we were brainstorming names, I liked the name Marisol, for the literal translation of ocean and sun. Garrett likes girl's names to end in an "A." So we modified the name to Marisola. Maybe our daughter will be nature girl who has the green thumb for our future garden in our backyard!

Gar:  It definitely help papa if Baby Girl Chan was a nature girl, because I have crazy plant allergies... especially to grass.  I like the name Estera over Shiloh too, but for a different reason... 

I don't want to name my daughter the same name as a dog.  No matter how good the book was... seriously!  Besides, Estera has a very unique and beautiful sound to it.  I don't think I've ever met a girl named Estera.

Shiv: One thing though, Garrett asked me if it means anything in Spanish. We have been reading this book called "Sorpresa" to Gideon in the car or at home and there is a word that Garrett thought was similar to Estera. The word is "estará." I told him that they are two different pronunciations because of the accent mark. For Estera, the pronunciation is Ess-TEH-rah, with the stress on the second syllable. I have not read the book about the dog named Shiloh. Hmm. I'm thinking thematic bedroom decor, birthday celebrations and birthday gifts! =)

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EDIT:  Voting is now closed!


  1. Misora fo sho.

    Estera. But we'd have to have a runoff vote on pronunciation. :)

  2. Tough call between the internationals, but I think I landed on Marisola...for some reason I just like the way it sounds with the rest of the family's names, and it can be shortened to Mari, a very popular Japanese name!

    And Estera for sure no doubt in my mind! I fully agree with Gar on the dog thing...and then I was completely sold with Shiv's comment on estara(') since that means "will be". How poetic!

    P.S. Yay for being back! My life has really been missing the name bracket. :)

  3. Marisola - I like the nickname Mari too!

  4. Estera sounds too much like estero to me, which in Italian means "foreign" or "stranger."

    I like Misora simply because if you shorten it, the kid's nickname will be Miso, which is so damn cute. But then, I'm the dude who's going to name their kid Siddhartha so that its nickname will be Darth...

  5. Misora and Shiloh! I love Misora Hibari's Ai San San.

  6. This round is tough. There is no name that really jumps out for me. How about using both Misora & Marisola? The sun high in the beautiful sky glistening by the sea. That sounds pretty cool. Definitely Misora Marisola Chan has an international flavor. But if I had to choose between the two I will choose Marisola.

    Estera over Shiloh. Baby Daughter Chan will be a star.