Thursday, June 23, 2011

Week 45 and the 100th post!

School is out but there are still end of the year stuff to finish. I had a training to attend and garrett is trying to clean his classroom while attending trainings in between. I cannot believe that we made it through the school year. It has been an amazing journey this year and I cannot wait to celebrate his first birthday. We are trying to finalize some details before we leave for california. Nothing big, just food and friends.

A funny story that I forgot to share in last week's post. Garrett was getting the bath ready for Gideon and I was getting Gideon ready for the bath. Currently, he likes to hold the side of the bath and stand up. It's just his size. Well, he was without a diaper and holding the side of the tub. (we were filling up the whole tub not just his baby tub.) Gideon wanted to reach into the tub for toys or to touch the water. I do not know. Anyway, he touched the warm water and relieved himself onto the bathmat. Hmm... hand in warm water really does work. =)


Gideon's present to Garrett for Father's day was a Mega blocks construction set. Gideon didn't like to wear the construction hat but he did like this hat. =)

I'm a viking!

On Wednesday, Gideon reached another milestone. Enjoy the video!

Gideon's new trick from Gar on Vimeo.


  1. Awesome, awesome!! Love his little feet :)

  2. omg. his ling ling feet are the cutest!!! :) cant wait to see all of you!!! :)