Saturday, June 18, 2011

Week 44

So this week has been hectic and crazy. Also, it's the last full week of school. Many students were super excited and couldn't really focus for longer than twenty minutes at a time. I had to make more activities that were short and sweet instead of one long activity over a longer period of time. I'm just glad that Monday will be the last day of school. I am ready for summer vacation!

This week had two unexpected things happen. Gideon got a fever and a cold which led to an awful cough. We visited the doctor on Wednesday and on Saturday to check out his lungs and his breathing. During the night, he would feed and then cough up all the milk that was in his stomach. We did laundry in the morning. I just laid a blanket on top of the yucky spit up for him to sleep on. Then on Tuesday, Santa Maria (our '92 Acura Legend) decided to overheat and spray yucky stuff inside the hood. Our friends let us park the car in front of the house until we can figure out a plan after school gets out. Thanks, Kym and Yosh! We don't have a plan yet but we are busy with end of the year school activities and a sick Gideon to think of an action plan just yet.

A couple of weekends ago, Gideon had a play date with Nathaniel, baby boy of our friends for the Seattle U. MIT program. They had a grand old time playing, eating and playing some more. Nathaniel's mom sent me some photos of them. They are adorable!

eating seaweed

looking up

Last but not least, the weekly photo! Thanks Kym and Yosh for the awesome T-shirt!

Week 44

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