Sunday, June 5, 2011

10 months

I cannot believe that Gideon is 10 months old (week 42). The time has really gone by super quick. This week Gideon learned how to scratch his arm really well that he got an infection. At first, we thought he was just scratching to just practice his new finger motor skills. Nope, we were wrong. The dry skin became a bigger rash and then a full-blown red rash that was oozing. We had been putting lots of lotion and hydro-cortisone ointment, but it did not work. So we went to the doctor's office on Saturday morning. The doctor quickly prescribed three different ointments to minimize the itch, treat the infection and for future rashes. He said that Gideon might have eczema and we should just watch out for future rashes. Gideon was really good in scratching his arm. The rash is on his right arm so he would use his left arm to scratch. When we would hold his left arm to stop him from scratching, he would rub his right arm on the chair/blanket/towel to continue the scratch.

This week we have been trying to give Gideon more finger foods for him during meal time. He loves tofu, carrot cubes and radish cubes. We made catfish nuggets for Gideon to eat. He also tried smashed up mushrooms and loved it. Well, currently, he loves everything. He doesn't seem to have a stop button when he is eating. When our friends watched Gideon so that Gar and I could watch a SIFF film, they noticed that Gideon would continue to eat if you give him more. Yup, that's our son. Gideon also tried a tamale from the tamale man at our favorite produce store. Yes, he loved that too! He also tried plain Cheerios for the first time.



Week 42

Week 42

Week 42

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  1. I hope it's just a random itch and not eczema. Eczema sucks!! Feel better, Gideon. Happy 10 months!