Friday, July 1, 2011

Week 46

We are finally into the swing of summer break. Uncle Martin is visiting from California. We are getting ready to fly down to California next week. We are finalizing more details for Gideon's first birthday. I feel that sometimes I sleep less during vacation or break than when I am working.

We started off the week with a playdate with Xavier and Xavier's mom (Tin). They introduced us to Kid's Quest in Factoria Mall. Xavier has been there before so he was walking around to all the areas. Gideon was satisfied with the box of balls or following other little kids around. We will have to go there again sometime.

Gideon tried poi for the first time at Kauai Family restaurant in Georgetown. He liked it a lot. He kept wanting more, even after the first bite. I don't know what he thought about the taste. I think he was just hungry. Then I helped him eat his foot. =) He was getting fussy so I thought this would distract him.

eating poi

eating my foot

We continued our fun summer vacation by watching "Bad Teacher" at Lincoln Square. Probably not an appropriate movie to watch with Gideon. He fell asleep halfway through the movie. Teacher jokes, faculty meetings and of course Cameron Diaz's multi-media teaching style, aka watch a movie, made me laugh out loud! We went to Din Tai Fung afterwards for some Shanghai-style dumplings. Gideon liked the fish ones best.

Weekly photo is dedicated to all those CAL Berkeley alums out there!




  1. I like that you watched Bad Teacher. I love that you had shanghai dumplings! Yay!

  2. .... g's foot is bigger than his cheek. maybe it's the camera angle... ;) yay! see you soooooooon~ :)