Saturday, July 10, 2010

7 Ezekiel vs 10 Josiah; 7 Grant vs 10 Nolan

Hello again!

Last week's results were two blow-outs: Sebastian beats Ernest 9-2; Enzo beats Magnus 9-2. Thanks to all our awesome readers who commented and voted.

Our new match-ups:

From the BIBLICAL region: 7 Ezekiel vs 10 Josiah
From the VANILLA region: 7 Grant vs 10 Nolan

Siobhan: Josiah is a great name, one of the good kings in the Bible, but it seems to be a common name that Christian families use. I know two Josiahs and they are great guys but then again, we are looking for a unique name. Ezekiel means "strength of God." What a great name to live up to! We are looking at a monosyllabic name again in the vanilla region, Grant. I think of Amy Grant. heheh... Nolan is an Irish name meaning champion. We can have an Irish first name family, Garrett, Siobhan and then Nolan. =)

Gar: So are you voting for Nolan? I guess I'll have to disagree and vote for Grant. Yes, Amy Grant is lame, but you have "good" Grants like Ulysses S. Grant (American general and president), or Horace Grant or Grant Hill (basketball players). Plus, I like the idea that Grant means to "give" or "bestow" - our son is a blessing bestowed upon us by God! Plus, points for it being a "G" name. As for Ezekiel versus Josiah, I'll vote for Ezekiel since I tend to admire the prophets more than the kings, and Ezekiel is not so common. He'll also have a cool nickname - "Zeke".

Shiv: I just have a dislike for monosyllabic first names with a monosyllabic last name. I am not saying that Grant is a less than honorable first name. I am looking at the whole picture. What do you have against Nolan? Nolan Ryan (baseball player), Christopher Nolan (film director... Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight) Those were amazing films that represented more than just a casual date night movie choice. =)

Gar: Yeeeeeeeah... man, I'll admit. That's a pretty compelling argument for Nolan. But this all goes back to one of other discussions - what's worst, a monosyllabic name or a name that rhymes? I know that the correct pronounciation is "Noh-len" (sounds almost like "Roland"), but you always got those people who will say the name as "Noh-lAn" (sounds like a tech geek saying "There's no LAN!"). "NOLAN CHAN" is a rhyming name if said incorrectly... it'd be as bad as naming him "JAN CHAN". Haha.



  1. 1) Ezekiel. I like both in this bracket a lot. Vote swayed by stronger biblical background for Ezekiel.

    2) Nolan. Have to go with unique, though enough people know of hall of fame pitcher Nolan Ryan to know the correct pronunciation.

  2. I'm going with Ezekiel and Nolan as well. Josiah is pretty common these days. And when it comes to Grant, Grant Show comes to mind first. Melrose Place anyone or is it just me?

  3. I'll keep the chain alive: Ezekiel and Nolan.

  4. Ezekiel and Nolan. Can't believe I missed so many rounds to vote!

  5. Josiah & Grant!!!

  6. josiah and nolan! hmmmm ... though i will say that amy grant in her heyday was NOT lame. baby baby, every heartbeat? come on! classic early 90's pop!

  7. 1) Nolan - I saw Nolan Ryan (von Ryan's Express) pitched. He was the greatest strikeout pitcher ever. Even when he was 40 years old he was still throwing 100 mph fastballs.

    2) Ezekiel - Here I go again with the "E" names. I don't know anyone named Ezekiel, so Ezekiel will be very unique. I like "Zeke" as a nickname.

  8. oh! and how about a baby update blog sometime..... :)

  9. I'm for Ezekiel...had a wonderful student wtih that name. Nolan, because Nolan Ryan was one of my favorite pitchers way back when (cathy springer)

  10. Josiah & Nolan. One more month to go! I'm excited to be an aunty! =)