Wednesday, July 14, 2010

7 Amadeus vs 10 Tiberius ; 7 Gen vs 10 Marius

After a two-week family hiatus... we're back again!

The final tally from last post: Ezekiel survives Josiah 9-6, and Nolan wallops Grant 13-1.

This week's names:

From the HISTORICAL / LITERACY region: 7 Amadeus vs 10 Tiberius
From the INTERNATIONAL region: 7 Gen vs 10 Marius

And we have a special treat... a pronunciation guide video!

Baby Name Bracket Pronunciation Guide from Gar on Vimeo.

NOTE: I actually mis-pronounced "Gen" because I was reading Siobhan's handwriting and thought it said "Geri". Oops. It's pronunced with a hard g like "get" (Ghen). Who's named Gen? This guy.

Gar: There's some interesting names this round. Amadeus literally translates to "God's Love", but is most commonly associated with Mozart. Tiberius means "from the river Tiber" and is the name of a Roman emperor and general, but is most commonly associated with (by nerds) with James Tiberius Kirk AKA Captain Kirk from Star Trek. Despite my heavy nerd leanings, I'd pick Amadeus over Tiberius. As for Gen versus Marius... Gen is a pretty cool character from Street Fighter, but Marius is a form of Mark. Marius it is!

Siobhan: I believe that Gen was a filler name in the bracket. So definitely I would advocate for Marius even though it reminds me of a girl's name, Mari. Amadeus is a great name for the literal translation, God's love. Tiberius comes from the name of river Tiber, which is found in Italy, near Rome. To be named after a river, an Italian river of all rivers, it's a great name. The Roman empire made a great name in history, so will Tiberius.

Gar: Oooh, could it be that Siobhan is secretly a Star Trek? So it doesn't also bother you that Tiberius was the son of Nero (who famously set fire to Rome and blamed Christians) or was uncle to Caligula (whose insanity made many believe that he had neurosyphilis)? Talk about a bad family.

Siobhan: I do love my science fiction at times. Romantic comedies can be too predictable. Yes, Tiberius had some relatives that may not have been such great role models. It takes a village to raise a child so the influences of two do not outweigh the many.

Whooohooo! First round is done. Have fun voting! We hope to continue the bracket as frequently as we can. So keep on checking the blog!

EDIT: Voting is now closed! Thanks for voting.



  1. I vote for Tiberius. Because Chris Pine is hot.

  2. 1) Amadeus - who can argue with God's Love? Although Mozart led a tragic life and died too young, still he was a musical genius. Could our grandson be a child prodigy also?

    2) Marius - I know a Marius who was a revolutionary student in Les Miz and hopelessly in love with Cosette. He was the sole survivor from the barricades, rescued by Jean Valjean, Cosette's guardian. Marius sang that sad song "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" remembering his fallen comrades.

    1) Tiberius. His nickname will be in Kirk Cameron. :P
    2) Gen. Don't deny Street Fighter, Gar.

  4. Tiberius...river runs deep.

    Marius because I cannot say Gen Chan in one breath.


  5. He could be James Tiberius. (Because the nickname is cool...(JT) But I vote for Tiberius! It rocks!

  6. My votes are for
    1. Tiberius... gotta love the Kirk reference.
    2. Marius... I love Les Mis.

    Oh... Garrett, the pronunciation video totally cracked me up! Good luck!

  7. Wow, was it only a couple weeks? It feels like forever since the last post. Anyways...

    1)Tiberius - I keep thinking of Tom Hulce's laugh in the movie Amadeus when I think of Amadeus. Tiberius sounds cool.
    2) Marius - Gen could be mis-pronounced as Jen.