Saturday, December 4, 2010

father and son friday

This week was a week of new firsts in the family - the wifey returned back to work for the first time since last June; Baby G started his first week of daycare; and yesterday, I took my first day off from work to take Baby G to his four month check-up appointment with Dr. Kumasaka. Personally, I hate writing "sub plans" (lesson plans for the substitute teacher to teach while I'm gone), but I was really looking forward to spending a whole day with him after missing him for about 2 weeks.

Sure, there was lots of time for music, video games, and preparing for the zombie apocalypse, but man... I missed having my family around. I guess I'm getting old.

Anyways, the Mrs. and daycare lady have been collaborating on trying to keep Baby G on a pretty regular schedule. I did my best to follow it, and the day sort of ended up like this:

6:15: Whole family wakes up. Wifey nurses Baby G, hands him to me, and prepares to leave for school.

7:00: Baby G says goodbye to his mama. Group hug and a prayer for a safe day.

7:05: I have a muffin and a cup of tea for breakfast. Playtime with Baby G while the morning news and the Today Show play in the background.

Watched the very cool "Class of 2020" segment, which has been following a group of kids in LA public school since they were kindergarten in 2007. Today's story was the kids (now 3rd graders) having a classroom election.

8:30: Time to change Baby G's wet diaper. I also swaddle him prep for his midmorning nap. He's hungry, so I use the single bottle breast milk that the wifey stored in the fridge for him. Baby G scarfs it up.

8:45: After vigorous eating, Baby G passes out in a food coma. Ha, just like his pops! I use the time to check up my e-mail, clean up the house, and listen to some music. Hurray, Misnomer(S)!

10:00: Baby G wakes up after napping for over one hour... good job, son! We have some tummy time / back time on the floor. He also plays with his football-shaped OBall. I feel very happy playing "ball" with my son!




10:30: The boy has been getting a little stinky, so I turn on the heat and run the water for a full body bath. Father and son bath time, Asian style! Sorry, no pictures... haha. But hey, we had a rubber duck!

11:30: Post-bath, I give him some "chair" time while I grab a super fast lunch (hurray for leftover kimchi fried rice). Flashing lights, noises, responds to his hands... it's like a video game for babies!



11:45: I finish eating, and Baby G's done with his chair. Baby G eats a quick snack, but isn't too fond of the formula. Time to head to the doctor!

12:15 - 1:30: Visit with Dr. Kumasaka goes well. Gideon's official stats: 16 lbs 3.5 oz; 25 in long; head circumference is 40 cm. He's 80 percentile for weight, 70 percentile for length, and 60 percentile for head circumference (who would have ever thought my son would have a small head given my massive dome...). Baby G takes vaccinations like a soldier... one injection in each leg, and an oral dose. Tears last just 5 minutes.

1:30: Start the drive back home and we play Far*East Movement's ANIMAL in the car. Baby G loves it and falls asleep.

2:00: Get home. Baby G still sleeping... I let him rest, and I take a nap too... then I fit in a game of some Call of Duty: Black Ops online multiplayer:

Black Ops AK47... it was a good day

2:30: Baby G and I wake up. I try to feed him some more formula, but he only eats a little bit. We take his Week 16 pictures showing some purple U-Dub Husky Pride! Heh.


3:05: Leave the house to drive south for Dad's PTA meeting and to meet Mama. Hurray, time for music in the car!

3:45: Baby G hangs out with the LGV staff, and is treated to rock-star status with chubby cheeks and awesome hair. I smile.

4:00: Wifey arrives at the school to give Baby G what his REALLY wants... the "real" milk! Father and son Friday is a success. ;)

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