Monday, November 15, 2010

Whirlwind weekend

Gideon and I flew down to California the Friday after Veteran's day. I had a day to pack what we would need for 2 weeks. It was quite an adventure to see which luggage would fit the most items and weighed the least. We did fit everything that we needed and if I forgot something, oh well, we can buy it.

Gideon did very well on his first airplane ride. He was very curious about the people, the new scenery, just about everything. He was irritated by me because everytime I tried to nurse him, he would start to cry. Then I let him "see" the world and he was fine. He fell asleep halfway through the flight. It was a bittersweet homecoming since we had to attend my grandfather's/Gideon's great grandfather's funeral service. He never met Gideon in person but he did see a lot of pictures. His first comment about Gideon was that he needed a haircut.

Many of us wanted Gideon to meet his great grandfather, but the next best thing, or even better, was that he met his great grandmother. Gideon was a little nervous in the beginning but then he warmed up. He has been the best little baby ever. He has been passed around to new aunties, uncles and cousins and he did well. Now we have an overtired baby due to the lack of downtime, but today he has been catching up on sleep.

Some pictures for Gideon's papa.






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  1. Did you remember to take your 4 generation picture with Yin Yin, your dad, you, and Gideon? Don't forget! =)