Thursday, November 11, 2010

The woes of having long hair!

So Gideon has been working on his sleep, specifically night time sleep. He does ok, but we know he can do better. He can sleep for a 6 hour chunk and then 2 hour chunks after that. We are working on connecting the sleep chunks.

When he sleeps, he likes to turn his head from left to right constantly. With the movement, he has created many knots. At first they were small and easy to take apart. A couple of nights ago, there was a mega knot. Yup, we had to cut two knots out after lots of conditioner and soaking. The combover is still working to cover the balding spots. =)

Lots of knots!


Lots of hair

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  1. I have the same problem! My solution: 1. wear a hat to sleep (I have to tie my hair up, but have used a knit cap) 2. put leave in conditioner on his hair. it's amazing. it won't knot...or hardly at all.