Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter break!

Hello faithful readers!

We have been so busy adjusting to my work schedule and his daycare schedule that we haven't had the time to update the blog with stories, just pictures. The pictures are cute but stories are awesome too. We will hopefully have some videos soon, thanks to Uncle Martin!

The first story is Dad's 60th birthday surprise dinner. Gideon was very excited to see Grandpa that he was talking up a storm. He also wore his Sunday best, a polo shirt, khaki pants and a sweater. He also had his first smell of white truffle. We like to start him young with foodie knowledge. We brought the Tiger stuffed animal that Grandma Chan made for Gideon to take a picture, three tigers and Grandma Wong.

Three Tigers

After returning from California, Gideon learned two new tricks. He can get out of his swaddle and he can inch his way to the corner of the bassinet no matter where we put him. Garrett and I decided that it would be best to move him into his big boy crib, but not until Winter break started. Currently, he has had no problems adjusting to the crib, but the first night he did reach the corner of the crib. Super baby, as Garrett says.

Out of swaddle

With Winter break, we also tried a new toy, the exosaucer. At first he was uncertain about how to play in it. His feet barely touch the bottom. The cutest thing is his facial expressions. He is still learning about his body so when he leans backwards his whole body and now the saucer leans back. He had a shocked face for a couple of minutes. Also he gets frustrated easily when he can't reach for the toys with his mouth. He is putting everything in his mouth and there is a tooth just below the gum's surface.

Saucer of fun

Just a fun picture of Gideon in his many hoodies. Thanks Auntie Jaime! Gideon says he loves his new hoodie! Oh, Thanks to Garrett and to Far East movement, Gideon says "ah..ah..ah..ah..ahhhhh" from his favorite song, Animal. We hope that he doesn't grow up with a stutter.


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