Friday, December 31, 2010

Week 20 and end of winter break

I cannot believe how quickly two weeks can go by. Garrett and I have enjoyed spending time as a family, just hanging out in our pajamas. We love being able to do activities as a family and not have to worry about work. (That's for Monday.) This past week we went to the movie theater to watch, True Grit. It was fun showing Garrett my Thursday schedule when I was on maternity leave. He felt envious, movie watching and spending time with the boy. Legendary!

Gideon is still learning about the exosaucer. Garrett calls it kung fu training. Gideon has been practicing his rolling from side to side, no roll overs just yet. He definitely wants to move and crawl. He has the motion down but he is working on increasing his muscle strength.

Gideon has outgrown his 0-6 month shoes. Yes, I am saying that Gideon has big feet. He has outgrown his cute See Kai run shoes and his first pair of Robeez. I found a few pairs of shoes that I thought he would grow into but alas, he has outgrown them even before wearing them once. So I quickly put on all his shoes to make sure that doesn't happen again. So he has 3 pairs of Robeez 6-12 months and 2 awesome new kicks shown in the picture below. Puma from Auntie Jaime and Aunt Jen (in an ominous voice) and K Swiss from Grandma Wong.

New Kicks

The next picture is a great father son moment. It's the morning time. Gideon woke up and I fed him. Then I handed him to Garrett while I took a shower. I came back upstairs and the bouncer is on and both boys are asleep. Gideon usually doesn't sleep in this position out of a swaddle so he must have been tired. Garrett on the other hand can sleep anywhere. Gideon woke up 20 minutes later when he involuntarily hit the monkey to restart the music.

father and son time

Week 20 picture

Week 20

Happy New year to you! Hello 2011!


  1. look at his hair in the "papa + son sleeping" pic... it's outta control!!! i love it!!! :)

  2. man, that hair!!!

    -Auntie Jen (fun, elmo-pitched voice that doesn't scare babies)

    Jaime needs to find me some more 2for1 airfare.