Sunday, February 5, 2012

18 months today!

Happy 18th month birthday Gideon! I apologize for the delay. We were all sick last weekend. We took a family nap on Saturday and Sunday for a few hours. I think we are better now. We had to use the snot sucker to clear out Gideon's nose. Oh, he hated that!

I cannot believe that he is a year and a half old. The time has truly gone by so quickly. He is becoming more independent. He knows routines and how to use his fingers to communicate. He can put his milk cup and snack trap on the dining room table when there is no room on his tray. He brings us book that he wants to read. He tells us when he wants a new book to be read to him even if it is in the middle of the previous book.

Currently, the car ride home from work has been challenging since we are moving Gideon to one nap a day. He gets more cranky at the end of the day. So Garrett has been reading him books to keep him distracted. Thank you to his friend, Braden, Gideon likes the Little Einstein books about art, languages and animals.

Yesterday was a pooptastic day. Gideon pooped four times. He was plugged up. He began with a poop in the morning bath, followed by a mini poop, then a large poop after his nap and a cleansing poop right before bed. I hope that he will become more regular some day. He loves fruit and vegetables.

This morning, I gave Gideon a bath. He played with his toys. He loves to fill his transformer cup with water and pour the water out towards him. He likes to watch the water come out. Sometimes, he pours the cup too close to his mouth and gets some into his mouth. The next time he adjusted how far to hold the cup away from his mouth. He surprised me with something. Usually at the end of his bath, I remove all the toys before or after his bath. Gideon tossed all the toys out of his little bath tub and made the sign for all done. What a smart boy!

We went to the dentist on Saturday, for Garrett and me. Gideon showed us his new skill. He can open doors that have a handle, not the round doorknobs. So I better be on the look out.

Protein alert! Gideon ate fried pork gyoza yesterday. Yes, it was fried, but it also had pork. I guess he likes his protein deep fried.

17 months and 3 weeks. Happy New Year!


17 months and 4 weeks.


Gideon was walking around with a container of snacks. He learned how to open it and look what happened! Guess what he did next.


Gideon went to Makayla's 2nd birthday party. He had a lot of fun popping the bubbles!


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