Tuesday, February 21, 2012

18 months and 2 weeks

Belated post again. I just can't find enough time to do everything that I need to do during Gideon's one nap. We have been trying to enjoy every moment with Gideon, playing with cars, pretending to drink something from a cup, reading many many books, and laughing at his jokes. Yes, Gideon makes jokes. He loves to laugh after he makes some sort of babbling noise. He is working on making words, but he has his own way of trying to communicate with us.

He already has a pretend smile. It's like he is saying cheese. When I copy his face, he laughs really hard. I don't know where he picked up this smile, but it is funny. Also he has learned that when you are laughing really hard you should cover up your mouth with both hands. We haven't taken videos in a while. I need to remember to bring the camera with us at all times.

On President's day, I took Gideon to Lil Diggers, a sand volleyball court turned into a large sandbox for kids. Gideon did not like the cold damp sand on his feet at first. He looked at me shaking his head saying no. After a while, he found a shovel and a cup to play with. He didn't talk much or run around, but he did dig a lot of sand that ended up in his shirt or on my pants. There was parallel play with Gideon and a little girl. Gideon noticed her and tried to ask for a fist bump. The little girl had no idea what to do so she crawled away. Note to self: drooling toddler and sand do not mix. We found a lot of sand on his clothes and in the car later that day.

18 months and 1 week


18 months and 2 weeks

Thank you to Auntie Ginger for Gideon's first Jcrew button up shirt. Thank you to Auntie Shannon for Gideon's first Goorin Bros. Hat.



Today we went to the ultrasound clinic. We were given a beautiful profile picture of our baby girl. =) We are truly happy and blessed to have a girl. Now we just need a name. Hmm.. name bracket part two? My friend, Shannon, is already pushing for an Irish name since Siobhan and Garrett are both Irish names. I will also need to coordinate with my bro and sis in law who are also having a little girl this summer.



  1. This is the one I kept picturing in my brain! I want Gideon to have this one tooooooo! http://www.goorin.com/collections/sand-cassel-kids/zack

  2. This kid just can't get any cuter. And unnamed she-baby is pretty stunning too.