Sunday, January 22, 2012

17 months and 2 weeks

With the snow week, we have been loving all the time we get to spend with Gideon. He has been learning new games, being an airplane, sitting while reading a book and laughing at all of garrett's jokes. It will be hard to drop him off at daycare on Monday.

He is currently loving to move around his foam armchair. He can move it away from the wall and flip it over so he can stand on top of it. Sometimes, it gets stuck in between the couches and he has no way to go around it that it frustrates him.

Gideon is still a vegetarian. He loves hummus, falafel, veggie patties and black bean taquitos. We are trying to hide other types of protein in rice or with the hummus. Nope, he picks it out and leaves it on the tray. He is not a huge fan of sticky, gooey or slimey food items. He likes his food dry so he can pick it up on the first try. Sometimes, he doesn't eat fresh fruit because of the texture. Garrett calls him "Gail Simmons" sometimes, a la Top Chef judge who always comments on textures.

Today is a big day, the day before the Lunar New Year and the 49ers game. Here is his weekly picture supporting his favorite team in California.


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